New features of Yandex.Disk API

Some time ago, we opened the Yandex.Disk API . Today, the documentation has replenished with two new methods: the publication of files located on the Drive, and receiving alerts about changes .
Based on the available documentation, it is now possible to create programs and applications not only for storing and synchronizing data, but also for publishing them. Using the API, you can generate a public link to any file uploaded to Yandex.Disk , or return it to a personal status.
Thanks to alerts about changes, your program will be able to receive information about downloading and deleting files, creating and deleting directories, as well as about changing the amount of available space. Alerts are implemented using the XMPP protocol . To receive notifications, you must first configure a connection to the server , and then subscribe to notifications of changes.
Build programs and applications based on the Drive API and don't forget to tell us about them!