Now Google Translate for Android translates from photos

Traveling abroad is becoming easier and easier. The Google Translate app for the Android platform has been significantly updated, and a new feature is photo translation.

Now the application can recognize text and translate into your native Russian, English, German, French, Czech, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish or Turkish, signs or even dishes on the menu, so in a cafe in a foreign land you no longer have to nervously after ordering to prepare the stomach for something incomprehensible.

The principle of the program is simple: the user takes a picture with the desired fragment and selects the area necessary for translation. Next is the recognition of text and translation on Google servers. The application requires an active Internet connection.

By entering the necessary text manually, you can get a translation into 64 languages ​​of the world, but optical text recognition (hello, Google Glass) works only for the languages ​​listed above.

Applications with similar functionality already exist, for example, Word Lens , which costs $ 5 and supports fewer languages. The updated Google translate application is available on Google Play for Android versions higher than 2.1, but the photo translation function works only for Android versions higher than 2.3, while for iOS this has not yet been released.