Casio Protrek PRG-240-1ER watch

Peace to your homes and your families, dear community.

About 2 years ago my wife gave me a Casio watch for my birthday. Their peculiarity and attractiveness for me was that they had two solar panels - small segmented panels on the top and bottom of the screen. I love unusual things. But the trouble is: after a year and a half, I damaged the eyelet in them, for which the stainless steel strap is attached. In general, I was left without a watch. About a year went without them, but the rhythm of life still requires you to watch time not on your mobile phone, as well as have something more than just a clock in quick access and always with you. Therefore, while on vacation in Sevastopol, I was very interested in the watch store that was located a step from the port and eventually became the owner of three watches: two watches (myself and my son) and one wall with huge numbers. I want to tell you about some of them. By the way, I note that I don’t have an acute love for the Casio brand. Even more likely the opposite. She's already fed up with chtoli. But Gamin was not represented in this store, and I will consider Tissot, Q&Q, Orient buying myself a fashionable suit. As a result, for several days in a row looking at the shop windows and looking for a strict, beautiful and functional watch, I, not without primary regret, stopped at a Casio watch. And it is on bulky protected versions. Then regret vanished, but then. I chose one watch, in which everything was the same, except for a compass and a more decent appearance. Then the next day I went and changed it to these, more than 2 times more expensive ones. The soul could not stand the simple decisions.

So, I became the owner of Casio watches of the Protrek series. What did I get?

The clock itself is quite large. But I'm not small either. Therefore, everything is harmonious with us. They sit well on the hand, but it feels that the plastic of the strap should still “get used” to the grip of just my hand. The design of the watch is strict, pleasant, with bright elements such as a pair of keys and some significant inscriptions. What is very pleasing is the usefulness of every detail, every point on the screen and a very harmonious balance of all this together. Something like good decisions seems to annoy me, but at the same time they either have the floor of the screen covered with some fake plastics, or some useless ponto circles and squares spin and blink / run, or all of this together and it looks like a hello from childhood.

Here is an extract from their instructions:
Plastic housing. Hard mineral glass. The strap is made of polymer material. Dual LCD display.
Automatic electroluminescent backlight.
Resistance to low temperatures (to -10C).
Solar powered batteries, charge level indicator.
Barometer. Thermometer (-10 ° C / + 60 ° C). Compass. Altimeter (up to 10,000m), a meter for changes in height.
Display the time of sunrise and sunset. Timer, countdown time 24 hours.
Stopwatch - accuracy 1/100 of a second, maximum measured time 24 hours.
Alarm clock (5 beeps), hourly beep, snooze function.
Fully automatic calendar, months of varying lengths and leap years are taken into account. World time. The time format is 12/24.
Water resistant at 10 atmospheres. WR 100 m
- Features:
Electroluminescent backlight (with auto
backlight )
Electroluminescent backlight that illuminates the dial with a steady light. It is activated automatically when the watch is tilted at a certain angle.
Measurement of barometric pressure The
built-in pressure
sensor measures the barometric pressure displayed on the display.
Temperature measurement A temperature
sensor is used to measure temperature.
A built-in direction sensor detects the north magnetic pole.
Solar Powered By
accumulating light energy, the solar panel provides power for the watch.
Sunrise and Sunset Time Display The sunrise and sunset
times based on latitude and longitude are displayed. At the point of your location.
Altitude measurement
An integrated pressure sensor measures barometric pressure, converted to altitude. The measurement limit is 10000 m.
Accurate measurement of elapsed time by touching a button. Measurement accuracy 1/100 sec., Stock of measurement 24 hours.
Countdown Timer
Counts down from the time you set. At the end of the count (0 minutes, 0 seconds), a 10-second beep is emitted.
Alarm The
daily alarm sounds every day at the time you set.
Low Battery Warning
Whenever the battery runs down to a certain level, a warning appears on the display.
Fully Automatic Calendar
Automatically counts months of varying lengths and leap years.
12-hour and 24-hour time formats
Time can be displayed in either 12-hour or 24-hour format.
Frost resistance
The watch module is designed to operate at temperatures at low temperatures, up to -10 ° C.
* Temperature resistance at -10. ° С does not apply to the direction sensor
Polymeric materials.
Polymer material.
Waterproof Water resistance
10 ATM (100 meters).
Overall dimensions: 50.9 mm x 57.3 mm x 15.3 mm, weight 65.4 grams.

And now from me personally:

Here is the actual clock mode. The numbers are not high and not wide. Not small. Read fast. Everything is in its place. To the delight :). On the chart at the top left is a barometer chart with a period of fixing the value of 2 hours. The last measurement taken flashes like a cursor. The dynamics of what is called on the face. There is one “but”: if you go down or rise, say, in a tall building, take into account that atmospheric pressure goes down and goes up with you, so the readings will shift to the height at which you are at the time of measurement. The top right shows the current date. Bottom right - seconds of the current time. At the bottom left are the mnemonic symbols of the included modes. If the watch goes into sleep mode (it can be turned off), only 2 letters PS are displayed on the screen in this place.
The solar battery is a round ring on which Casio is inscribed.

Here are the readings of the barometer. I am now on the eighth floor of a residential building and the weather is cloudy on our street. Everything corresponds to reality. I must admit that since I had nothing to do with the barometer before, I have to study what kind of thing it is and how its readings depend on my height and ambient temperature. I get used to it slowly. There really is nothing incomprehensible or some kind of sacred knowledge.
Top right - temperature from the built-in thermometer. You need to understand that being on the hand of a watch is not able to correctly give you the temperature of the surrounding air, because it affects the body’s heat. But if you take them off for about 15 minutes. At the bottom of the screen is the current time. The graph is also relevant, it is two-hour, but only the "cursor" does not blink and the barometer measurements are recorded in digits every 5 seconds. After 20 minutes, he will take measurements every 2 minutes. I chose it in the settings.

Altimeter. It is barometric in hours. This means that as you rise or fall, the "floated" atmospheric pressure will affect the readings. But not scary. The accuracy here is quite arbitrary. You can press the left yellow button at the entrance or at the foot of the mountain and the clock will remember the basic value. The increase / decrease in height and the graph of its change in time you will see at the top of the screen. Below is the same current time.

The launch of the compass is accompanied by illumination. Apparently, Casio engineers had a lot of fun with it during development, which asked programmers to make its inclusion beautiful. 4 filling beams run across the screen and only after that the actual determination of the cardinal points starts.

The readings are displayed for only 20 seconds, after which the compass turns off and the readings become dashes.

I can only guess why this is so done. Perhaps the compass is associated with high power consumption.

If you “forget” the latitude and longitude of your location in the settings, you can enjoy the properly working function of determining the sunrise and sunset. As for me, the function is not very useful, but probably someone really needs it. In the middle of the hours is sunrise time, below is sunset time. The date on which you look at the time of the working day of the sun can be selected with the buttons. The default is today.

The clock collects statistics on the maximum and minimum heights, as well as the height differences that they managed to fix. There are 2 such counters. This allows you to use one counter to remember the values ​​for the entire path, and the other to use for specific short segments. The value of the second maximum height counter is displayed here. The way by train from Simferopol to Minsk. I didn’t even notice when we climbed so high. Ночью, чтоли…

World time. You can look at specific belts. Below is still your local time.

Stopwatch, timer - everything is like everyone else, only cooler. This is my cool watch!

Alarm clocks: 5 pieces
Side views

Well, the container in which all this is supplied. A box of high-quality cardboard, inside a thick manual and a beautiful wooden box. And in a wooden box, in a nice antistatic bag, on the foam roller there is a watch.

Unlike my first choice, I am very pleased with this watch. I do not regret that I paid more than the first cost (it’s not about those that my wife gave). This watch does not seem childish, durable, a kind of “SUV” in the world of watches. And I love SUVs.
What else would you like to see in them? Well, a GPS-receiver with at least a minimum set of functions: determine the position, remember it and return to it. But I think it will be my next. Otherwise, everything is just fine!
In less than two weeks after the purchase, I swam with them many times in the sea, washed in the shower, measured the temperature of the water in the bathroom - everything is just fine.
The instruction does not advise pressing buttons in water. I understand them and do not do this.

P.S. Прошу прощения за не очень чистый ремешок. He tried, washed and rubbed them before shooting.

P.P.S. Кстати, я упустил в обзоре: в этих часах можно на всё вводить программную коррекцию. Including a compass.

At the request I post pictures of the clock on Hand
An example of a sharp drop in pressure and, accordingly, a sharp change in weather. It rains all day and a strong wind blows. Outside the window 13.7-15.2 ° C.
The bar to the right of the numbers shows the current pressure deviation from the previous planned measurement.

In this case, the watch is washed after working with a professional punch. I didn’t notice how concrete was flying straight from under the drill.