Digia intends to strengthen collaboration with KDE and discuss future development of Qt with the community

Original author: Lydia Pintscher
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From the translator: don’t kick, I was waiting for someone to translate this news, but this event did not happen, and I really want to discuss it.

Following a recent announcement about the full acquisition of Qt from Nokia, Digia outlined its future plans in a letter to the KDE community.

Digia R&D Director Tuukka Turunen said he sees the future of Qt as the best cross-platform development environment and wants to work more closely with KDE and other partners in the Qt ecosystem.

The full text of the letter is given below.

Dear KDE Community,

As you have already heard, Digia has announced that it plans to purchase Qt technology from Nokia. This deal will provide Qt with the future of a leading cross-platform development environment. In addition, it will bring together the former Qt team of Nokia and experts from the R&D department of Digia to work on the continued development of Qt.

With this acquisition, Digia will become the main company responsible for everything that happens with Qt, and not just for commercial licensing of the library. We believe in the power of Qt dual licensing. It is very important to maintain the ability to use Qt as an Open Source project and as a licensed technology. We want to continue the symbiosis with the KDE community and the KDE Free Qt Foundation.

Digia will continue to participate in the Qt Project, including by providing the necessary infrastructure for the operation of key project systems. For us, an increasing number of contributions from various members of the Qt community is very important. We want to work with the entire Qt ecosystem as part of the Qt Project to ensure that Qt will continue to thrive with dual licensing.

The continued development of Qt is both a challenge and an opportunity. This task will fall on the shoulders of both the community and Digia to ensure the future of Qt as the best cross-platform development tool, a task that we are ready to take on. The KDE community is a key factor in contributing to Qt, and so we would like to develop our relationship with you through even stronger dialogue and collaboration in the future.

We will continue to work within the framework of the ideology originally established by Trolltech more than 15 years ago to develop a framework that allows you to write code once and deploy it anywhere. We will continue to improve Qt, so that both our customers and users of the Open Source version can count on the continued investment of Digia to ensure the development of a framework that will make their projects successful. We look forward to working with KDE to further strengthen and expand Qt's global presence.

In about a month, the legal acquisition will be completed. Before this event, we want to meet and discuss future plans with you and other interested Qt community stakeholders. We want to agree on the future of Qt now in order to work more efficiently together after the transaction is completed.

Tuukka Turunen
Director of R&D Department
It's nice to hear Digia's commitment to the Qt and Qt Project. As stated in a previous KDE statement, we will continue to rely on Qt, defend its freedom and contribute. Representatives of the KDE Free Qt Foundation and Digia will come together soon to discuss the details of Nokia’s Qt transition from Digia.