uTorrent will show ads (non-deactivating option)

In a few weeks, a new version of the uTorrent client will be released, with bug fixes, improved performance and features added at the request of users. This is adding the contents of magnet links through a dialog box, improved torrent downloads with a large list of files.

However, all these improvements fade before one fat minus. The new uTorrent client will show ads - the so-called “featured torrent” in the box above the regular torrent list. This well-noticeable advertising space will be used to promote different types of content, developers from BitTorrent say: movies, music, software, games.

The ad serving option is non-disable. You can close the "popular torrent" only by clicking the cross in the upper right corner, "to see the offer from another commercial partner," the uTorrent developers forum said. Users from different geographic regions will be shown different ads.

Today, the uTorrent audience is 125 million people and is constantly growing. BitTorrent bought this software in 2006 and finally started actively monetizing it. Previously, the only source of income for developers was the optional toolbar, which most users have successfully ignored. The company's revenue was limited to $ 15-20 million per year, but now it can grow significantly.

On the other hand, given the advanced level of average users of uTorrent, one can expect mass migration to alternative torrent clients that do not display ads. Alternatively, just do not update the program.