IBM PC turns 31

Recently, a lot of news has appeared on Habré about the new Mars rover, which arrived on Mars recently. Actually, I myself am closely following these news, but among all this information flow, we forgot that the IBM PC was already 31 years old! On August 12/13 (depending on the time of one country), the corporation IBM, known to all of us, announced the new IBM 5150 PC. Then this miracle of technology cost 2 thousand dollars.

Despite such a high price (let's not forget about inflation), the personal computer from IBM has become extremely popular. But 2 thousand dollars in 1981 and 2 thousand dollars in 2012 are different values. Perhaps even of a different order of magnitude, if you recalculate the dollar then and now.

But the computer was powerful, practical and, one might say, portable. Here are the characteristics of the device:
1. Intel 8088 processor with a frequency of 4.77 MHz. In addition, the Intel 8087 mathematical coprocessor is installed;

2. The amount of RAM is from 16 to 256 KB. In the first models, there was only 16 KB, but there was an opportunity to expand the amount of RAM to 64 KB;

3. Graphic adapter that could be changed. There were even modules providing a color image (with a resolution of 320 * 200 or 640 * 220 pixels, which is pretty good at that time);

4. Audio was presented only by an ordinary speaker;

5. It was possible to expand the number of modules by installing them in five free ISA slots;

6. It was possible to request a configuration with two 5.25-inch floppy disk drives with a capacity of 160 KB;

7. The hard drive. Also installed optionally. The amount of memory is up to 10 MB. This option appeared later.

8. The software installed was IBM Basic.

Of course, if you install all the optional modules, then the price did not reach 2 thousand, but 4 with a penny of thousands of dollars. True, this is already with the printer (matrix, of course).