The fifth "Festival 404" will be held October 6-7, 2012 in Samara

On October 6-7, the 404 Festival will be held for the fifth time in Samara . There is already an event page on Habré . Surely, many have already been to this event and I do not need to tell everything all over again, so I’ll immediately turn to the news. Firstly, we have a new logo:
I painted myself. :) I will not say that this is some kind of masterpiece, but there is more festival spirit in it. He is more perky. Everyone is already tired of the pixel squares of the old logo. Plus, we changed the slogan to a more capacious one.

Secondly, we drew, programmed and launched a new conference site. Here's one:
Thirdly, you can already register and pay for participation. If you have time before September 10, then participation will cost only 3,000 rubles.

What will be new at the fest this year? The new section "Internet and the State", organized by the magnificent Artyom Geller. I suspect that Artyom will get it very interesting. He, as part of the Design section, will hold Samara Design Weekend. Also, Dmitry Vasiliev from NetCat is preparing an interesting section about future technologies.

Total, the preliminary list of sections is as follows:

  • Dmitry Vasiliev: Internet 2022
  • Egor Gilyov: Organization of work
  • Denis Kortunov: Information Society
  • Ruslan Demyanenko: Mobile Development
  • Artyom Geller: State and the Internet
  • Artyom Geller: Design
  • Dmitry Fitiskin: E-Commerce
  • Alexey Kopylov: Usability
  • Alexander Fitiskin: Technology
  • Alexey Kushpel: Startups
  • Unknown hero: Marketing

We are looking for sponsors and partners of the festival. You can be a sponsor, you can be a general sponsor, you can put up a stand in the lobby, or just a pillar, you can think of something else. Sponsoring the 404 Festival is not only honorable, but also very profitable.

In fact, you can not go to the 404 Festival, but watch all the reports in the video after everything is over. Here, for example, video reports of previous festivals of the year . But it’s better to come and see everything with your own eyes. Plus, Samara is very good at this time of the year, I hope the weather will not let you down.