Intuitive profile addresses appear on Google+, but only for select


A number of checked Google+ pages now have clear profile addresses, TechCrunch writes . Lucky brands and celebrities like Toyota ( ), Delta Airlines ( ) and Britney Spears ( ). In Google promises to give you the opportunity to clear the address to more users, but do not say when this will happen.

Named addresses have long been one of the most requested features on Google+ . The standard URLs of profiles and pages on Google+ are clearly not memorable, and business cannot use these ugly addresses in their marketing materials. For example, the profile of a Google employee reporting a name appears at .

According to Google , the new feature will be available to users around the world, but it is unclear how Google plans to select the first batch of users who will be able to choose their own URL . Google only noted that it is presenting this feature for “a limited number of verified profiles and pages,” and that this is just the “first step."

Facebook launched registered profile addresses back in 2009. Then he also allowed individual brands and celebrities to choose URLs a few months before all users.