Business like football

I like to watch football and play it. I follow the news of different clubs. And I often think that football is a projection of our business in all successes and failures, breakthroughs and failures, patterns and accidents.

Relatively speaking, the team of our company is a football team. The criterion for winning or losing is the profitability of the business. You know how to score goals and not miss - you grow. You know how to at least not miss - this is already a sign of stability. If you skip and don’t score, it’s time to at least change your coach, or maybe go down to the minor league, rethink key issues and then prove that you have the strength to fight along with strong competitors.

The basis of the team is midfielders. In our case, these are the developers. Here are directors and testers. That is, they are those who create the product or service itself. Technical support is protection. If the protection is attentive and experienced, then it copes with customers efficiently and beautifully, maintains their loyalty and leaves no doubt about the future profitability of the business. Forwards is a sales department. It is clear that a good salesman should be aggressive, persistent, restless, but at the same time correct (technical), jewelry master of his craft. Agree, this is exactly what the striker should be. Otherwise, he can inflict a lot of shots, but they will not hit the target.

The role of the leader in different companies is different. Ideally, this is a coach. Preferably good, experienced, "experienced". He played at one time in different parts of the field. Knows what and how to demand from players in different situations. Establishes understanding in the team, if necessary, rotates in it, motivates, scolds, consoles, etc.

The leader must be a tactician and strategist. At meetings, he gives the team a setting, sets tasks. Well, everything is like in football. And the outcome of the match depends on the correct installation on the game. If his business idea is correct, then there will be a result. How many times do we hear the phrase that one coach outplayed another. Competition in business lives by exactly the same laws. And there are not so many accidents.

If the business is failing, then the leader, as responsible for the final result, has to play the role of goalkeeper. Midfielder missed the opponent, the defense fails, and now the goalkeeper has to catch shots on goal in the form of customer complaints, claims of partners. And the more the team is unbalanced, the more blows will be inflicted by the opponent.
And it’s even difficult in this situation to say whether this is a good leader or, on the contrary, a bad one. On the one hand, instead of embarking on a coaching bridge and establishing “connections” in a team, he is not doing his job. And on the other hand, he stands at the last frontier and saves the whole team. As spectators or fans, we look at this situation and think about whether it is worth saving such a team. Maybe she needs to seriously and painfully lose and seriously rethink everything ...

The role of the captain is interesting. In office, he is the coach’s right hand, but he must also be “his” in the team. A strong captain can shake the team at the right time, charge them with emotions. By the way, is such a person obligated? A weak captain is a trainer's mistake, it would be better without a captain at all. In such a team there will be anger, misunderstanding and understatement. I’m looking at Arshavin and I think that the player is technical, good, but as a leader, it may interfere. Let's hope today's friendly match answers this question.

An important point is not only the team’s game on the field. But the microclimate is outside the field. I remember very well when Guus Hidding became a coach, he always repeated that working with a team should not only be on the field. Somehow, at the training camp before a responsible game, answering the question of how the team is preparing, he answered with something like “drink some wine and discuss key issues”. Psychology decides a lot. Hidding then did a lot. Also in business. The results of the work will necessarily be reflected in how and when the team communicates outside of work. Here, probably, only one rule can be formulated - there should be no dull standards, cliches and extremes. How exactly to achieve this should feel the coach. Each team has its own microclimate, and it can change.

The analogies of business results and field results can be continued indefinitely. The role of club owners (count shareholders), a sports director, is important. It is interesting to watch the development of scandals in the club and the consequences that they lead to. A separate topic is the transfer policy. We bought a cool player, but he does not play. Why? And in fact, for what reason are highly paid employees hired, but not profitable? I’m not talking about the situation when in general the team “surrenders” the match, and the game is not according to sports rules.

In general, the conclusion is that if you love football and understand the basic laws in it, then you are able to start your own business. Get yourself a team. And even a yard team can achieve significant success if everything is balanced.
Or maybe you already have a successful team, then knowledge of football stories will help anticipate stellar diseases, control the decline, and maybe even part with the best player in time at the peak of its value.

Actually, what was all this I told ...
Any self-respecting club has or plans to have its own stadium and training base. If the club has this basis, then the team has every chance to fight for the highest prize places.
So, BukhSoft this year has its own “stadium” - a new office near the Novoslobodskaya metro station. It will allow us to accommodate more freely, accommodate more incoming customers (fans).
I can’t upload photos, because looking at the offices of Yandex and Google, there’s nothing to surprise. But for work and leisure, there is everything you need, including a kitchen, an aquarium, a fireplace and a board for offline chat and anonymous letters!

I hope this all will have a beneficial effect on the game of our BukhSoft team in the future!