ABBYY FineScanner: iPhone instead of a scanner

Recently, our mobile department has released a new application for the iPhone - called ABBYY FineScanner. The program can do a very simple but necessary thing - to photograph documents and process photographs so that the resulting electronic copies (in essence - scans) are convenient for work - reading, printing or storing / sending in a readable form. This can be useful if, for example, you need to send a scan of several pages of a passport to a travel agency or upload a child’s lesson schedule to Dropbox so that all family members are in the know.

You may ask, why not just do it with an iPhone camera? The answer is because she does not know how to find the edges of the page, correct keystone distortions and improve image quality. By the way, she also cannot combine several photos into multi-page PDF files. About how FineScanner does all this, under the cut.

So, in order.

We take pictures of what we want - you can immediately take several pictures (for example, if we are working with a document consisting of several pages). After that, a window appears with the first photo, a proposal to crop the page around the edges and correct keystone distortion. We agree and get a flat page.

By the way, the program has an additional mechanism to avoid picture blur - the image stabilizer. It works like this: it waits for the moment when the camera stops shaking and focuses, and then takes a picture.

Further we bring the document in a decent form. You can enable black-and-white mode (if you remember, this is how documents sent by fax look like) or a mode with shades of gray. The size also depends on how we save it. If you didn’t like what happened, you can make the document color again. You can adjust the brightness and flip the picture.

We save further. Separate yummy - the program has its own repository. That is, documents will not clutter up a standard camera album. You can give the file the correct name, as well as assign tags (by the way, the search in the repository works for both). You can save as JPEG or PDF.

If we photographed several pages in a row, you can immediately make them a multi-page PDF. After saving, you can add new pages to this file - both from existing documents and newly photographed ones.

Well and most importantly - then all this beauty can be printed using Apple AirPrint, sent by e-mail, to Dropbox, Evernote or Facebook.

That, in fact, is all. Works on devices with iOS 4.3 and higher (iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad 3).

ABBYY FineScanner at Appstore
Anticipating questions, we tell you: we did not include recognition (OCR) in the program, it was originally designed for another use case - document scanning. Of course, some users of OCR scanners are needed from time to time, so in the future we plan to include recognition in FineScanner as an additional feature.

In the comments you can write your ideas for improving the program - we will try to take into account.

Update : the application will cost $ 2.99, until Monday inclusive (August 20) - $ 0.99.