Assange will not be able to freely leave the UK

Julian Assange and Wikileaks were almost forgotten, when suddenly new information appeared about him and about his project. News was already published on Habré about Assange being granted diplomatic asylum by the Government of Ecuador. In addition, they wrote already that the British authorities had already promised to take Assange by force, if diplomats of Ecuador did not give it. So far, Assange remains at the embassy, ​​no one touches him. But, all the same authorities of Misty Albion have already promised that they will not allow him to leave the country unhindered.

Actually, this could have been predicted, since the embassy was an embassy, ​​and somehow you still had to get to Ecuador from the UK. So, the British Foreign Secretary said that his country does not recognize the principle of "diplomatic asylum." And even if some countries recognize this principle, this mechanism cannot be used to help any person avoid certain measures of influence from the official authorities of Britain.

It is reported that the government of this country received an order to extradite Assange to Sweden, and is required to comply with this order. It is worth recalling that the whole fuss broke out (officially) not because of Wikileaks, but because of some actions of Assange regarding a person of the opposite sex, which can be called violent. Whether this is true or not is difficult to judge, but the importance of this process and the size of the scandal clearly indicate that the reason is slightly different.

In order to leave the country, Assange needs to leave the Embassy of Ecuador (from the inside of the fence all the space is considered to belong to Ecuador), and set foot on British soil. In addition, you still need to somehow get to the airport, and somehow get permission for the air corridor for the plane (even if it will be a diplomatic flight).

Soon Assange will make some kind of official statement without leaving the embassy. And yes, it has been two months since he came to this embassy.

Via mashable