Noty is an unusually flexible jQuery plugin for displaying notifications

Almost a month ago, the second version of the beautiful and wonderful jQuery Notification plugin was released for displaying a wide variety of notifications on the site, it is strange that Habr generally bypassed it, I will correct the situation.

Noty is such a jQuery plugin that without any problems and manipulations makes it easy to create messages of the form alert - success - error - warning - information, or just replace the boring standard alert and promt dialogs. Each notification can also be pushed onto the stack and pushed by the queue, optional of course.

Notification blocks can be displayed: top - top left - top center - top right - center - left center - right center - bottom - bottom left - bottom center - bottom right.

Noty has such a flexible API that you can customize text, animation, speed, buttons with their appearance and behavior, and in general everything that you may need to fully implement notifications in the design and functionality of the project. The displayed notification dialogs are very stylized and support themes.

When using the plugin, you can use a variety of functions for processing button clicks in dialogs, showing and hiding them, clicking on notification blocks and managing their queues.

Everything is as it should with a license - Released under the MIT License.

Github project sources:
Documentation and demonstration of all the wonderful features: