Judge of the Apple process vs. Samsung called the parties unreasonable and asked Apple lawyers about their addiction to drugs

Lucy Koch, Apple vs. Process Samsung seems to be close to a nervous breakdown. The fact is that the process is nearing completion, and the intensity of passions reaches its peak. Next week, a jury trial should begin the decision-making process, and the lawyers of the two corporations can not calm down. Witnesses, experts are called, piles of documents are provided, which, apparently, was completely tired of Judge Koch.

The federal judge has already stated that she does not trust a single word spoken by the representatives of both companies and demanded documents, not a talking room. Apparently, Apple lawyers took this requirement too literally and presented 75 pages of claims a few hours ago. This move caused Judge Koch a fit of indignation:
Люси Кох (судья): Вы хотите, чтобы я рассмотрела 75 страниц ваших претензий к вечеру? Вы что, крэком упоролись? Вы же знаете, что эти вызов этих свидетелей невозможен! Кто будет разбираться со свидетелями, если на всё про всё у нас 4 часа?
Билл Ли (Apple): Ваша честь, во-первых, мы крэк не курили, во-вторых, мы всё рассчитали!
Майкл Джейкобс (Apple): Ваша честь, мы можем рассмотреть часть показаний сегодня, а оставшихся завтра. Мы совсем не хотели обременять суд.
Люси Кох (судья): Не хотели обрменять суд? Да вы внесли 75 СТРАНИЦ ПРЕТЕНЗИЙ! Это по-вашему «не хотели обременять суд»? Если среди представленных свидетелей я найду хоть одного, основания для вызова которого по моему мнению недостаточны, то я уж найду способ вас оштрафовать.

After that, the judge soon closed the meeting, stating that the parties were inadequate.

The lawsuit itself is interesting - it showed the early prototypes of the iPhone, disclosed some data and presented all the patents for which Apple claims specifically against Android.
And the judge’s dissatisfaction with the parties is not new to modern patent battles. Previously, Richard Posner, who parsed the process of Apple Inc. vs Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc, criticized both sides and stopped the process, rejecting Apple on all counts.
What awaits Samsung in this process, we will find out on Tuesday. In the meantime, despite all the taunts of Lucy Koch, Apple's position looks stronger.
via Ars Technica .