MPEG H.265 video compression standard introduced

Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG), an international organization, presented a draft of the new H.265 / HEVC video compression standard at a conference in Stockholm .

The new codec provides the same visual quality as the current H.264 / AVC, with half the bitrate, the press release said .

H.265 (aka High efficiency video coding or HEVC) will be used primarily for video transmission on mobile networks, as well as for television signals. Considering that the share of video content in global traffic by 2015 can grow up to 90%, double compression improvement is a very useful thing.

Eric Frisian Research Specialist and Chairman of the Swedish MPEG group, Per Fröjdh, hopes that H.265 can be put into commercial use as early as 2013.

By 2014, MPEG promises to adopt a standard for compressing 3D video.

Interestingly, a few years ago, Motorola released a study (pdf) on the impact of video content on the bandwidth of LTE networks. In it, they published a graph with the evolution of video codecs, according to which the video compression quality doubles every 6-8 years as a result of the appearance of more efficient coding methods.