What happens to equipment after lightning

We have small automatic telephone exchanges in different villages with equipment for access to the Internet. As a rule, they are located in the leased premises of the village administrations. They always try to do the entire installation of the equipment wisely; lightning protection is necessarily done. But practice shows that with a good thunderstorm with an abundance of lightning, protection does not help.
Under the cut, there’s a little photo of what happened in the PBX, after lightning hit the roof of the building and into the cable of the air passage over the ravine (it could still go where it was, but that was enough).
Let's just say Friday post.

I won’t write specifically, I’ll just say that the PBX burned out completely, a lot of cable buried in the ground went under the replacement, DSLAM failed, a bunch of surge arresters, 3 PBX rectifiers, fire and burglar alarms.

Then just a photo with a little explanation.

SL (KSPP connecting line):
It was an arrester on the SL, all that was found from it:
19 “U cabinet, one of the nuts of which was screwed on equipment. All equipment was grounded:
This is one of the wires from the “perimeter” of grounding:
WB unit (rectifiers):
Fire alarm:
Its circuit breaker, or rather, what is left of it:
Cross with arresters (in the photo the arresters have either scattered or have already been removed for estimates of what happened):
A handful of badly stinky dischargers:
ATS remains:

PS ATS and the Internet were restored in a working day, and most of the recovery time was taken by the replacement of cables.