Custom firmware with Android 4.0.4 for Desire HD, craftsmen do the job for HTC


A few weeks ago, HTC announced that there would be no Desire HD among the large list of devices for which Ice Cream Sandwich was planned to be released. A little later, responding to criticism of the indignant crowd of deceived owners of the unfortunate model, the company explained its decision by the fact that the size of the new system does not allow it to be set up in cunningly marked sections of the phone’s internal memory without deleting user data, which, according to HTC, may seem far from normal to all users. Of course, this caused only an even greater wave of criticism and promises from users to never buy HTC phones. Even the petition , which collected 16,000 signatures, did not help .

And so, on August 14 a joyful event occurred, which, however, was very predictable: developers with XDA Developers ported firmware from Incredible S to Desire HD:
  • Android Version: 4.04
  • HTC Sense: 3.6
  • Supported Devices: Desire HD, Telus DHD, Inspire

You can download the firmware on the XDA Developers forum.

When installing the firmware, I encountered a problem - after turning on the phone, the HTC logo was displayed on a white background, and after that - a black screen. Reinstalling the firmware after loading into recovery helped.
The impressions are exceptionally positive, on my whimsical to firmware (or rather to the drivers of the audio system) Telus DHD there were no problems with the operation of the devices, the phone’s speed also pleased.