Creative Sound Blaster Recon3D Omega Wireless Wireless Headset Review

The next device in my hands is different from an ultrabook, but there is some share of
mobility in it. Creative's
Card is a subject of my adoration and today's review.

The convenience of such a device can hardly be overestimated - here you can walk around the
apartment while talking on Skype, listen to your favorite music
anywhere in the apartment, and easily rotate in your favorite
chair. I ask for details under cat.

In a cardboard box, decorated in black and blue colors, in addition to the
headset itself, there
are many useful things. Of course, there is a manual
user and a disk with software and drivers for the

External USB sound card SoundBlaster Recon3D has a
multi-platform nature. You can connect this miracle device not
only to your PC, but also to the XBox or PlayStation.

The sound card has a THX and Scout Mode switch.
It is assumed that the scout mode will help in 3D games to more accurately
obtain information about where the action occurs and where the sound comes from.

On the front panel there are two audio jacks for connecting
wired headphones and a microphone. If for some reason you don’t
I want to use wireless headphones, you can connect ordinary ones.

If Omega 3D is used for its
intended purpose, there is a special slot
for the transmitter on the back of the sound card
, where a special module is installed. In addition,
there is a microUSB connector on the rear panel, through which a sound card is
connected to a computer, and an optical input for an external
sound source

The microphone volume is controlled by the switch on the right
side of the external sound card.

The microphone "detaches" from the headset, and if the main goal is to listen
music, it’s not necessary to interfere with oneself, just unplug the
3.5 mm jack. The reverse procedure takes exactly five seconds.

This is not a separate headphone cable, but an accessory for
connecting to the Xbox 360 joystick. With it, you can control the
volume and mute the microphone.

The connection jacks are on the left earphone. Behind a not very tight
rubber plug there is a microUSB connector for charging and a
3.5 mm jack for connecting an accessory for the Xbox 360. A little closer to the
front surface is a microphone connector. Charging
carried out through the complete cable. Two very
important facts are
worth noting
: firstly, the headset can be used during
recharging, and secondly, a fully charged headset works
for 7-8 hours, which is very important for long night gatherings at a
computer. And even if the headphones “sat down”, you do not need to look for a battery, but
you can just connect a microUSB cable.

An optical cable for connecting the sound card to an external
sound source
is included.

When turned on, the external surfaces have a pleasant blue
backlight. The panels are glossy and carry the Sound Blaster logo.
It is difficult to say how this affects the one who sits in the headphones, but it is
immediately visible from the
outside that the person does not hear others =).

The headband is very light and comfortable, adjustable in height and has a
special gasket in the upper part for soft contact with the head.

Under the leather ear pads are hidden 50 mm speakers. The skin is very soft and
fits nicely to the head. The ear pads are easily removable, but putting them
back is not a trivial task, so do not remove them if necessary.

On the left “ear” there was a place for the control buttons. There is a
power button
equipped with a power and charge indicator. When the headset is
turned on - the indicator lights up in blue, a discharged battery is indicated by a
flashing red light, and the charging process is accompanied by a constantly
burning red signal.
The volume buttons are pressed gently, the step for changing the volume is
small and it is possible to get exactly the strength of sound
that will be comfortable.

Headset connection is very simple. After turning on the headphones, you need to
click the Connect button on the sound card. In a few seconds
devices will be paired.

In order to feel the fullness of the sound, you need to install
software from Creative, although Windows 7
copes with the task of
playback using standard drivers.

The software part is rich in settings, yet it is a top product.
The first tab is THX TruStudio PRO. Here you can control the
surround sound settings

CrystalVoice lets you tune your microphone.

The configuration of the headphones does not require much effort.

To watch movies, you can configure DOLBY Digital decoding.
The mixer settings are not rich, but sufficient.

The equalizer has 10 bands and a level control. The memory contains 10
presets most often used by users.

The profile can be exported to the device itself and when connected to
another computer, do not reconfigure the headset.

Instead of a conclusion.
The headset personally causes me only positive emotions. I got
everything I needed from the headphones. I got mobility when working
at the table, I got mobility and high-quality sound when talking on
Skype. When playing shooters, the scout mode did not really impress me, but this is
easily compensated by the correct setting of THX. Long run time
Headphones are also a positive feature. The external sound card in the kit
allows you to experiment a little with the sound configuration,
for example, I connected the speakers through it, and compared to the integrated
circuit chip on the motherboard, I got high-quality sound not
only in the headphones (surprisingly, right?). Of the shortcomings, I note only the
lack of a headphone stand; it would be convenient to hang them on a beautiful
stand. For almost 9000 rubles that they ask for Creative Sound
Blaster Recon3D Omega Wireless
in our retail, such a lotion can be
Threat. These are the coolest headphones I've had to listen to.
З Threat. I have not heard the Monster Beats by Dr. Dre sing.