AppCode 1.6: what's new?

The AppCode team is pleased to present you a new version of our integrated development environment for Objective-C - AppCode 1.6 .

Now AppCode works much faster with large projects, is fully compatible with Xcode 4.4 and Xcode 4.5 preview, supports CocoaPods projects, third-party project and file templates, as well as all the new Objective-C functions.

Here are just a few features of the release:

  • In-place code refactoring: Rename and Introduce refactoring now work directly in the editor without unnecessary dialog boxes, and also take into account replaceable elements in comments and non-code files.


  • First-class localization support : the Find Usages command, various refactoring methods and other intelligent functions are now available in localization files.

  • Build settings editor : configure your project without leaving your favorite development environment.


  • Support for C ++ 11 and libc ++ .

  • A whole set of new code inspections , which allow, in particular, to ensure that all necessary enumeration values ​​are present in the switch statement; Find all non-localized strings in the project and much more.


  • Improved generation , allowing you to choose the place to create a new method - implementation, interface or category, as well as simplifying the generation of objectWith methods.

  • AppCode comes bundled with a plugin for GitHub . This way you can easily clone projects with GitHub. You can learn more about integration with GitHub from this video .

You can learn more about the new functionality on the product website .

Those wishing to try AppCode in combat can take advantage of a 30-day trial . A valid subscription to receive updates for AppCode allows you to download and use the new version for free .

Open source projects and educational institutions can still apply for free licenses .