Apple is the most expensive company in history

As a result of trading on Monday, Apple's stock price was $ 664.74. The rise was caused by the expected presentation of the new iPhone in September this year, rumors of a small iPad and Apple TV with updated functionality.

Another fact is curious: the stock price of the giant has grown so much that Apple has become the most expensive company in the history of mankind, whose shares are freely sold and bought. Apple's market value, derived from the product of the number of shares issued by the value of one piece, was $ 623 billion. The company’s previous record of $ 618.9 billion was set by Microsoft on December 30, 1999, at the peak of the dot-com bubble.

The roles of these two competitors have changed markedly in just a decade: in the late 90s, a company from Redmond broke capitalization records, and Apple's value even in 2004 did not exceed $ 10 billion.

But since 2007, the brainchild of Steve Jobs has experienced rapid growth caused by the release of the iPhone, which today brings more money than all of Microsoft. And this growth is still ongoing: just three years ago, Apple overcame the 100 billion mark. Since 2011, the apple giant is the most valuable company in the United States (346.74 billion dollars).

In 2012, Apple overcame the mark of 400, 500 and 600 billion dollars, the value of the stock increased by 64%. Even despite the monstrous growth, a number of experts suggest that the company is underestimated, since the shares did not always react with the price increase in response to the company's income.

The ratio of the market price of Apple shares to net earnings per share - 15.57 - is much lower than that of such technical giants as Facebook (68.51) or Amazon (291.73).

To imagine how big the cost of Apple is, it’s enough to recall that, according to 2011 results, only 23 countries in the world have more GDP than the cost of a Cupertino company. Thus, more than 200 countries of the world for a year of work will not be able to afford to buy Apple.

Nevertheless, Apple still has something to strive for: Microsoft remains the limit of the company's value in the stock market. Bill Gates' inflation-adjusted record for 2012 is $ 851 billion. To achieve this, Apple stock should sell for $ 908.