Downloading price lists of suppliers to the online store

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Currently, organizations conducting active commercial activities are forced to respond promptly to changes in marketing information, one of the main components of which is updating the composition and assortment of goods. Easy-to-use, but sufficiently flexible in functionality, free processing for importing information about the nomenclature and prices of suppliers can help customers with this .

Import of price lists of suppliers in 1C, edition 10.3

The program was developed for the configuration “Trade Management, Edition 10.3” of the platform “1C: Enterprise 8.2”.

Key features of the program:
  • work with price lists in xls, csv, txt format
  • updating the description and prices of the item in 1C
  • loading prices of price lists in various currencies
  • storage in the system of user settings for many types of price lists

An example of using the program in 3 steps:

  1. We fill in the settings for loading the price list of the supplier, we compare the values ​​of the columns of the input file with the details of the directories 1C



  2. Select an external file, pre-process the price list data


  3. We check the result of pre-processing and load the marked values ​​into the 1C infobase.
    After loading the data on the goods in 1C, they will immediately appear in the online store through the synchronization utility with the online store automatically.

    Import of price lists of suppliers in 1C, edition 11

    The developers included a tool in the “Trade Management Edition 11” configuration that allows registering supplier prices from any available sources - this is a document “Registering Supplier Prices” from the “Marketing” subsystem. Information is entered into the document on the prices of the partner (supplier or competitor), delivery times and volumes of the minimum consignment of goods that can be purchased from the supplier (competitor). In one document, you can register information on supplier prices for various columns of the price list (various conditions of suppliers). When registering supplier prices, you can indicate the correspondence between the name of the product (name, article), how it is registered with the partner and the name of the product in our information database. Information on the correspondence of the names in the partner’s price list and in the 1C price list is stored in the “Nomenclature of partners” directory and can be used when registering changed partner prices. To register prices, you can call the built-in assistant: for this, in the "Marketing" subsystem, select the "Counterparty prices" item in the navigation panel in the "Competitive Intelligence" section. When creating a new list item, it is enough to choose the method of price registration “Copy prices from an external source” in order to be able to import data from an external file.


    Upload products to PHPShop from external files

    When purchasing an online store script, customers often encounter the problem of quickly filling the site with content, in particular, an assortment of products. For example, having price lists of suppliers, it becomes necessary to quickly transfer data to the site, and subsequently automation of updating information about goods and prices from external sources. To achieve these goals, PHPShop has developed a free tool with a simple intuitive interface that saves the user from routine operations.

    Key features of the program:
    • import of goods (descriptions and prices) from XLS, CSV and TXT files to the PHPShop website. As a result of processing the input files, the program generates sql files for subsequent upload to the site (for example, using PhpMyAdmin or the SQL file loader built into the control panel of the store)
    • pre-reading the contents of an external file for subsequent selection of data to download
    • image processing of goods with the ability to automatically resize and watermark
    • saving all user settings

    An example of using the program:

    1. Making input and output data path settings, image conversion options



    2. Performing a preliminary reading of data source data and selecting values ​​to load


    The price list handler has added to the list of free utilities for 1C in the EasyControl kit , at the moment they are also available:
    1. Management of a network of online stores in 1C
    2. Remote site management through 1C
    3. Batch image downloader 1C