Google introduced a new benchmark - Octane

Today, Google in its blog project Chromium introduced a new JavaScript-benchmark - Octane . The essence of this new test is not only to evaluate the synthetic power of the engine, but also in combat conditions. To do this, the engine performance is measured in the actual js libraries, not counting the standard tests for the Google V8 Benchmark, such as Richards or Delta Blue. The following is a brief description of the new tests and a few measurements.

  • Box2DWeb - JavaScript port of a popular physical 2D engine used in some online toys
  • Mandreel - this time a 3D engine used to transfer games on Android and iOS to the Internet.
  • pdf.js - JavaScript implementation of a PDF reader integrated into Firefox.
  • GB Emulator - Game Boy emulator .
  • CodeLoad - checks how fast the JS engine is able to load frequently used libraries and start their execution. Designed as a derivative of the Closure and jQuery projects .


Unfortunately, due to the lack of devices at hand, I will only test the laptop and smartphone that were with me:


Configuration :
CPU: Intel Core i5-2410M (2.3 GHz per core (2 physical, 2 virtual))
RAM: 4 GB (1333 MHz)
GPU: integrated in Intel Sandy
OS: Ubuntu Linux 12.04
Browsers: Google Chrome 22.0.1229.8 dev and Firefox 14.01
Google chrome
Mozilla Firefox


Configuration :
CPU: ARM Cortex-A9 @ 1 GHz (2 cores)
RAM: 1 GB (unknown frequency)
GPU: Integrated in NVIDIA Tegra 2 (GeForce ULP 2)
OS: Android 2.3.7 (CyanogenMod 7.2)
Browsers: Dolphin Engine Beta, Opera Mobile (the latest version from Google Play)
Dolphin Beta
Dolphin just could not pass the Mandreel and pdf.js tests, getting 0.
Opera Mobile
Do not forget to write about the results of your devices (with hardware), and also write, if anything, in the test you dig.


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