altdrag - simplify working with windows in Windows

In short: the free altdrag utility simplifies windows management (move & resize).

Namely, with the ALT key held down:
  • with the left mouse button you can drag the window, grabbing at any place in the window (not necessarily the title);
  • dragging with the right mouse button will resize, namely, move the border to which the cursor was closer;
  • something else (see under cat).

Yes, exactly the way it works on Linux.

It is very convenient. No need to aim at the title bar and window border.

The program will be especially useful to owners of screens with low resolution (for example, netbooks). It will help to “curb” windows that are larger than the screen size, which usually cannot be dragged.

How it works

A short video demonstrating the operation of the program:

How resize works:
The window is divided into 9 areas. Each of the 8 extreme areas is responsible for moving the nearest window border.
The central region works very cleverly: stretches the window vertically or horizontally, leaving the center of the window in place (i.e. two opposite borders move at once).

altdrag can even resize windows that cannot usually be resized (dialogs, settings). I have not yet figured out how this can be useful.

Bonus: Alt + DoubleClick expands the window anywhere, Alt + Click restores the expanded one.

altdrag can be useful for owners of multi-monitor systems: you can drag windows from monitor to monitor, while maximized windows remain maximized (can be disabled).


  • You can assign keys that hold actions when pressed (both Alt by default);
  • you can assign actions to each mouse button (LMB, RMB, wheel, buttons 4 and 5): actually, Move, Resize, as well as Minimize, Center, Close and AlwaysOnTop (as for me, the most useful). Beta also has Lower.
  • you can configure the “sticking” of windows: to the edges of the screen and to the taskbar, to other windows from the outside, from the inside, or manually by holding Alt + Shift

There is a tray icon (can be disabled), through it settings and some actions are available.

In the latest stable version (0.9), the settings are edited with a notepad in the ini-file, but everything is clear in it without problems. In beta (1.0) added a guish box with settings.


C Aero works correctly.

It consumes little memory. I have under Windows7 / 64 - 2.9 / 3.4 MB.

There is a portable version.

The program has not been updated for a long time: the latest stable version is February 2011, beta is July 2011. Let this not bother you: no bugs were found; implemented, in my opinion, all that is needed (even in February).

Shortcomings found

  • By default, during installation, the config is located in the program folder in Program Files. If you are not sitting under the administrator (or with User account control enabled), then saving the settings will be problematic. Workaround: install the program in your folder, or download the portable version.
  • Hotkeys Alt + DoubleClick and Alt + Click cannot be changed. The second for me is still unusual. UPD: but you can replace Alt with another hotkey, for example, Ctrl.

Download link: altdrag