23 reasons not to believe in bullshit about working in large companies

Recently, I very often come across a repost of an article on how poorly people work in large companies. As soon as someone posts this nonsense, a crowd of disgruntled hamsters runs over and starts yelling that all this is true and big companies rob them of their best years of life without giving anything in return. Whenever I see this, in my head there is one simple thought like a slipper: “Find another job, push you through the rocker!” If I have the imprudence to voice this idea, they usually object to me that all companies are the same, everything is bad, and in general, on May 4, 1925, the Earth will fly onto the celestial axis.
Well, let me introduce you to a slightly different view of things. I am 25 years old, and I work as an ordinary software engineer in a large company, the name of which was not disclosed in the interests of the investigation. In this short article, I will go over a hot satire iron on each of the points in the original article and explain why this is a complete bullshit. Most of the examples will be a description of the real situation in our company.

So, let's begin.

1. "You will never get a career growth that satisfies you."

In our company, most of the bosses went through a full career ladder from an ordinary developer. Yes, the CEOs come from outside, but show me the people who can really get the job done. For some reason, most representatives of office plankton believe that the CEO only does what lies in a hammock, drinking cocktails in the company of full-breasted blondes. Few people think that his responsibilities include, for example, negotiating with large customers and selling them the final product on terms favorable to the company.

2. “The initiative is punishable”

If you work in a government agency, then maybe it is. If the company aims to make a profit, it cannot afford to be rigid and inert. Our initiative is encouraged in every possible way: there are special projects like the “factory of ideas” and R&D laboratories that consider projects to improve the production process and the final product.

3. “You cannot express your opinion in public”

Another weak-willed amoeba problem that the office plankton blames for the company. If someone suddenly wrote govnokod or came up with a crooked architectural solution, they will be informed about this immediately. Grow eggs - be a man, bleat! :)

4. “Team! Team! Team! ”

It already depends on the team itself. Again, if the team is weak-willed amoeba, they will allow the tyrant manager to conduct any experiments on himself. We were lucky with this: an excellent team was picked up in the department, and we weren’t tired of going out for a beer or rollerblading. Just because cool dudes gathered around.

5. “You will lose emotion”

And again, a personal problem. If you are so shy that you do not want to show emotions anywhere except your favorite online game, then these are cockroaches in your head, and not the harmful influence of the company.

6. "You will forget how to dare and get used to the working pace, which is accepted in the company"

If the author considers the ability to dare as an undeniably positive skill, I sincerely regret it.

7. "You will be taught what is an STI (ass-cover letters)"

This sometimes happens, I will not argue. Although, people who really have something to do rarely participate in this.

8. “You will learn not to listen to people who speak with you”

I don’t know where the author found this “majority”. Neighing from the heart.

9. “You will learn to spend most of the time in useless negotiations”

If you are developing a large product, then you will not do without meetings. Just because too many people are involved in the process, each of whom has his own vision of the problem. Yes, sometimes negotiations come to a standstill and the consultants begin to circle. In such cases, they take a timeout from us, think about their behavior, and meet again. A healthy discussion process is good. Without this, the output will be the Frankenstein monster.

10. “You will not have a problem with being late”

If a person is gouging, the company is not to blame. Personal discipline is the business of each individual person, for which it is personal. If a person is late everywhere, then most likely he does this outside the office.

11. “You will become caffeinated and fall in love with toilets.”

Here I can only say to myself. I never tolerated coffee and two years of work did not completely change the situation. It is enough to go to bed before midnight and there is no need for doping. And to drink tea with colleagues in the morning is always welcome :)

12. “You will spend 12-14 hours at work”

With this, we were also lucky and the attitude towards the employee in this regard is very loyal. I can leave work at 17:00, and then sit at home at midnight on an interesting task, because an ingenious thought came :) This, of course, is a cliche, but Confucius was right when he said: “Find something to your liking, and you don’t I’ll have to work a day in my life. ”

13-14, 19. “You will begin to believe that you are constantly being missed”

The button accordion, of course, but this is also a problem of a person, not a company. More specifically - one of the manifestations of the inferiority complex.

15-16. “You will have excess weight and an ugly body”

I lift 130 kg in deadlift with a dead weight of 75 kg. Of course, among professional powerlifters this is very low, but it would be very interesting for me to look at a person who will tell me in my face that I have an ugly body :)

17. “You Will Adore Friday”

And what? Friday is a great day, there are two days off ahead that you can spend riding on a board, climbing a climbing wall or watching a series with cookies. If someone regularly plumps on Fridays, then this is alcoholism, not the fault of a big company.

18. "You will learn to sincerely rejoice in victories to which you have not the slightest relationship"

I don’t understand this at all. If dudes did an excellent job and achieved outstanding results, then why not be happy for them? oo Smacks of an inferiority complex again.

20. "Still you will love corporate parties"

Here I have a twofold attitude. On the one hand, I do not see anything wrong with eating at the expense of the company to which you spend so much time. On the other hand, at such events, there is often a certain proportion of corporate bullshit emanating from the top management. You can go to the bar, where you can’t hear the speaker, and eat cookies :)

21. “You will lose your startup spirit”

The so-called startup spirit is a separate issue. In short, how many “startups” do you know who get real money from their project? Not an investment from rich uncles, but a real loot brought by the project itself? How many? Here I am not one. I can write a lot on this subject, so we turn off :)

22. “You will get loans”

I do not have a single loan. Yes, I ride the subway. However, my salary allows me to rent an apartment in Moscow, buy iPads and ride abroad. What am I doing wrong?

23. Lolsto?

And even here the author deceived us, for there are only 22 items.


There are several conclusions, and they are very simple.
  1. A good half of the problems described in the article are personal problems of a person, which are the result of an inferiority complex and other cockroaches in the head. Of course, it's easier to blame the big evil company than to pull yourself together and change something.
  2. There are companies in which the degree of cretinism really rolls over and there are some problems described in the original article. But there are also normal companies in which management is focused on productive work, rather than stroking their own ego.
  3. Therefore, the generalization that working in any large company is bad is wrong. If you are a good specialist who wants to change something in your life, you can easily find a job that suits you. If you are a typical limp representative of office plankton, who only knows how to sort out pieces of paper, then you have no one to complain about.