Use of city telephone numbering in IP-telephony

Habravchane, hello!

Not so long ago there was an interesting news that the International GSM Association proposed to switch the "Big Three" and Tele2 to a single IP platform. The transition to IP-telephony should allow operators to already have basic services to enable file sharing, video calls, conferences, chat and other services. At the same time, such services have long and successfully been provided by various Internet services that make money on “pure” IP-telephony. And while IP-services have limitations, IP-telephony is already becoming a full-fledged communication product that competes with cellular communications.

MTT launched YouMagic IP-telephony service, which conveniently combines the main advantages of using data transfer via the Internet protocol, traditional telephony and can use the mobile network as an infrastructure for its work. In addition to the usual conveniences of IP-telephony, YouMagic allows you to quickly and for free use a landline number in Russia or even another country. In a traditional connection, obtaining a direct city number is a rather complicated and time-consuming process, which usually takes a lot of money, time and nerves. At YouMagic, this is done quickly and without visits to the operator’s office. I would like to tell you how this opportunity is realized.

Since MTT is one of the largest telecom operators in Russia, the company has the opportunity to directly own city numbering where necessary. To connect city numbering to IP-telephony, a telecommunication company needs to do a lot of work related to serious costs and bureaucratic red tape. This is far from accessible to every company and therefore often in IP-telephony services landlines are rented from different operators. This does not ensure the proper reliability of the service and does not guarantee the possibility of its expansion, therefore MTT prefers to do all such work independently. Obtaining city numbering does not do without very important steps:
1) It is necessary to obtain a license from the state for the provision of local telephone services;

2) It is important to purchase certified equipment for a local communications center: ATS of a large carrier class, including several servers and a switch;

3) It is mandatory to rent a technical site, install and configure equipment, with the supply of electricity and communication channels with redundancy;

4) It would be good to request and purchase from the state local numbering for a specific pool;

5) There is no way to do without the procedure for acceptance and verification of operability by Roskomnadzor and other departments of the communications center;

6) It should be requested from other local telephone service providers to open access to the allocated numbering;

7) Now you can safely sell the numbers!

The scheme for obtaining city numbering abroad is much simpler. This is due to the simplified system of foreign legislation. It is enough to find a partner operator that agrees to redirect the numbering to the company's servers and make sure that its equipment works reliably with the partner's facilities.

The expansion of the geography of city numbering from YouMagic in large settlements such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Rostov-on-Don, Samara is not the last argument in increasing the popularity of the service. Already now in YouMagic you can get city numbering in 8 million-plus cities in Russia and 6 countries of the world. By the end of the year, MTT plans to connect YouMagic to the numbering of all major cities in Russia, as well as expand the connection of numbering capacity in other countries.

Today, the market for long-distance and international communications is characterized by changes associated with the growth of IP-traffic. MTT, as one of the largest transit operators, is actively developing new services and creating a new open communication environment for all users with the YouMagic IP telephony service, regardless of where they are located.