Jury finds Samsung guilty of Apple patent infringement

Tonight Moscow time, an American jury on almost all counts found the South Korean company Samsung guilty of infringement of Apple's patents. The announcement of the decision itself was unexpected, so some lawyers appeared in the courtroom in T-shirts and jeans, because today no one was waiting for a decision. Before the meeting, everyone agreed that such a speed could indicate full satisfaction of Apple claims, or refusal of satisfaction.

Apple vs. Samsung

Key positions of the solution :
  • Violations are noted both in the field of applied patents and patents for industrial designs (commonly known as “design patents”). A total of 6 out of 7 patents were recognized.
  • Malicious intent was found in violation of 5 patents out of 6. Violation of one patent is regarded as unintentional.
  • The court also admitted that Samsung copied not only the design of Apple devices, but also accessories.
  • Samsung still managed to violate antitrust laws with one of its patents on UMTS

Patents Infringed :

The patent for the iPad is not infringed .
The jury estimated the damage at 1 billion 50 million US dollars .

Samsung vs. Apple

The jury ruled that none of the patents that Koreans accused Apple of was infringed. All Apple smartphones and tablets are exempt from charges. Apple did not harm Samsung either by its actions or by its devices, so Apple is not obligated to pay any compensation.

Despite Apple's landslide victory, Samsung was completely defeated. Let me remind you that Apple insisted on compensation of $ 2.5 billion and the recognition of all violations as intentional.
It is also known that a ban on the import of products will not be imposed. Apple will have to agree on deductions. However, this is a heavy blow for the South Korean company. Lawyers could not find a single patent in Apple’s intellectual property bans that Apple would infringe.