Shell 3D in Intel's first smartphone

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A couple of days ago, a Megafon Mint smartphone appeared on sale. This is the first smartphone in the Russian market, which is based on the Intel processor. As a shell, the device uses the three-dimensional interface Megafon Shell, built on the basis of Yandex technology Shell 3D.

This project was launched as part of Yandex's offer to mobile operators and phone manufacturers. Using our technology, manufacturers are able to use Shell 3D to create customized models that match the business interests of partners.

Recall that the shell makes using a smartphone more convenient due to the capabilities of three-dimensional interfaces. In particular, the shell allows you to install several working screens on your Android smartphone and helps you quickly move around them - for this, Shell uses a “carousel”.

A little more about the device itself. It has installed (for the first time in Russia!) An Intel Atom Z2460 processor with a clock frequency of 1.6 GHz and Intel Hyper-Threading Technology - it improves processor performance. This technology works not only in mobile, but also in the company's “desktop” processors.

Owners of other Android cell phone models can appreciate the benefits of Shell 3D by installing it from Google Play. .