Good job, Apple, you cheated the whole world

Original author: Thomas Baekdal
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Apple won a patent lawsuit against Samsung with more than $ 1 billion in damages. You can read more about it on MacRumors .

Apple answer: “We are grateful to the jury for their work and for the time spent on our story, and we are happy that we can finally say this. A lot of evidence presented during the process showed that Samsung was copying a lot deeper than we thought. The lawsuits between Apple and Samsung were much more than just patents and money. They were about values. At Apple, we value originality and innovation, and we have dedicated our lives to creating the best devices on Earth. We make these products in order to please our customers, and not so that our competitors copy them. "We applaud the court for recognizing Samsung’s actions deliberate and for the loud and bright sign that theft is not good."

Samsung answer : “Today's verdict should not be seen as a victory for Apple, but as a loss for the American consumer. This will result in less choice, low innovation, and potentially high prices. It’s unfortunate that patent law can be manipulated to give one company a monopoly over rounded rectangles, or technology that is improved every day by Samsung and other companies. Consumers have the right to choose, and they know what they are buying when they buy Samsung products. This is not the last word in this matter or in other battles that take place in courts and tribunals around the world, some of which have already rejected Apple's claims. Samsung will continue to innovate and provide consumers with choices. ”

I am shocked by this. We all know that Samsung copied Apple, but that’s not the point. What amazed me is that now it is illegal for two people to come to the same idea. The things Apple highlighted are not inventions. These are just solutions to common problems.

Like tap-to-zoom (a light finger swipe to zoom in). This is not an innovation. This is what we do when we use the touch screen. You see something, you want to look closer, you do tap. Did Apple Make It First? Maybe. But look at the behavior of the children when they saw something. What are they doing? Yes, they do tap. This is not an invention, this is normal human behavior.

The idea that one company can own non-inventions seems awful to me.

Another example. Apple probably has a click-to-call patent. This means that if you see a phone number, you can click on it to call it.

Apple, I'm sorry, but I came up with this idea before you invented the iPhone. I worked with a friend on a regular browser, and we needed the ability to have access to resources outside the browser. We implemented a special protocol that opened an external application using a specific command. Thus, we could pick up any string that matched the regular expression and direct the result to an action outside the browser.

And that’s how click-to-call works.

Why didn’t I patent this? Well, because it is not an invention. All I did was find a solution to the problem. If you had the same problem, you would have found the same solution. I didn’t invent anything. I just looked at what we had and said "hmmm ... we should be able to click on it ..." The
idea that one company can own a solution to the problem is completely crazy.

Same thing with the Amazon one-click patent (one click). This is not an invention either. That is, a person noticed that a large number of clicks reduces conversion and "hmmmm ... maybe if we make one click, we will sell more?"

Amazon didn't invent anything. They just found a solution to the problem, but now, due to the idiotic patent system, they can claim the right to this solution - despite the fact that many people come to the same solution to the same problem.

And one more thing: one company actually owns a patent for switching the color of the LED during a biometric login. Here's how it works. You use a biometric device like a fingerprint reader. It reads a fingerprint and tells the system whether it can recognize you or not. In this case:
Someone really has a patent for it. LED color change during login. This is not an invention. This is one line of code that anyone would write if he tried to solve this problem.

Apple does a very good job of finding solutions to problems. I wrote about this in the article “ Apple Never Designed the iPad - They Undesigned it ” ... but this does not mean that they invented something.

Samsung obviously copied Apple, we all know that, and I don't regret Samsung for not thinking with their own head ... they deserve it. The problem is that this case legitimizes the patent system. He proves to the world that Apple (and other companies) can own ideas and solutions that other people can come up with.

We cannot live in a world in which one company can say, "I am the only one who is allowed to have a solution to this simple problem."

If you ask 100 people to find a solution to a problem, many of them will surely come to the same solution. To say that only one of them can own this decision is crazy.

As Verge Nilai Patel said: “In the long run, we will definitely see many changes in the user interface in Android - many companies have already moved away from scrolling, which is protected by an Apple patent, and we are confident that we will see tap-to-zoom and multi-touch on new devices . We are also confident that we will see new, very different phone designs, as Apple has defended both of its design patents and corporate identity requirements are strong enough to convince the jury. ”

In other words, only Apple is allowed to own the solution to the same problems that every phone has. Everyone else should focus on creating non-optimal workarounds. Like, for example, not being able to click on a phone number to call it ... or make a phone with symmetrical rounded corners.

Someone might think that this is the beginning of the end of the US patent system, but it is not. Apple is a very profitable US business, while Samsung, one of the foreign companies. In the minds of every member of Congress, the US patent system protects the country's interests from annoying outsiders.

And this is what the president and politicians see as their most important work. Protect US interests from alien invaders. There is no chance that they will change the system.

Good job, Apple, you fooled the whole world.