Chinese browser UCWeb goes to the West (in Asia there are already 200 million users)

The browser, which captures 50% of the mobile market in native China (as well as 20% in India), enters the western market .

The browser development company UCWeb, was founded back in 2004, and has 1,000 employees, building global plans for world domination. Entering the West is explained not only by the pursuit of new users, but also by preparations for the IPO process, which can take place in one to two years.

The main feature of the browser is working under any conceivable platform - from the sorely run Android and iOS, to ordinary phones with Java support, or losing the popularity of Blackberry. Iron coverage inspires - more than 200 phone models!

In connection with recent events, the fate of the Opera browser is very interesting. If the Chinese manage to offer a good alternative to default browsers on weak platforms, the company will lose its significant advantage.