Firefox 15 Release

As usual, the release of the stable version of Firefox appears before the official announcement, which will take place on August 28 (Tuesday) .
What's new in this version:

  • Another optimization of memory consumption
    • as part of the MemShrink project. This time, efforts were aimed at reducing the memory consumption of add-ons installed in the browser
    • Added built-in viewer documents in PDF format - pdf.js . The viewer supports scaling and navigation functions for thumbnails of pages, provides loading of TrueType and Type 1 fonts, can form graphs and diagrams, supports working with compressed objects.
      By default, PDF.js is disabled in version 15. For those who want to test this function, in about: config find the pdfjs.disabled parameter and switch it to false ;
    • Improved Firefox startup speed on Windows;
    • Implementation of Opus
    • audio codec support ;
    • Added support for the third version of the SPDY protocol.
      By default, support for this protocol is disabled in version 15. To enable it, go to about: config, find the network.http.spdy.enabled.v3 parameter and switch it to true ;
    • A fully-fledged JavaScript debugger is integrated into the developer’s tools (Ctrl + Shift + S);
    • The “Adaptive Design”
    • tool (Ctrl + Shift + M) has been
    • added for viewing web pages on different types of devices with different screen resolutions;
    • In the "Inspector" (Ctrl + Shift + I) a new mode for viewing the layout of elements on the page has been added;
    • Improved work with WebGL: implemented the use of compressed textures to improve performance;
    • Support for GStreamer multimedia framework as a backend for playing HTML5 audio / video elements;
    • Elements of audio and video support attribute Played , and the element -source - media ;
    • As part of the Performance API, support for a high-precision event timer has been added, allowing you to know the time with an accuracy of thousandths of a second.

    Russian versions:
    Mac OS X
    English versions:
    Mac OS X
    All changes in Firefox 15 for developers