RailsClub'Moscow 2012 News

Good afternoon friends!

I want to tell you about the latest RailsClub.ru
news .
Let me remind you that the conference dedicated to ruby, ruby ​​on rails and web technologies as a whole will be held on September 15, 2012 at digitaloctober.ru (beginning at 10:00).

This will be one of the largest ruby ​​/ ror events in Russia in terms of the number of foreign speakers, titled speakers, invited Russian ruby ​​stars, participants, participating organizations.

The best news at the moment is that absolutely all of our foreign speakers received visas. There is not a single reason that would not allow any of the foreigners not to come to Russia for our ruby ​​on rails event. Everyone is preparing for a meeting with Russia and Moscow, and we are preparing a cultural program for our guests.

Also, I want to tell you that Sergey Nartymov became the speaker of our conference. Sergey is a software engineer on the Brainspec team, contributor to Ruby on Rails (over a hundred commits), Rubinius and Elixir. Sergey uses Ruby and Erlang in his work, reading books on Lisp and Haskell at his leisure.

By the way, we took short interviews with our speakers. In the coming days, we will talk about our speakers a little more and publish an interview.

Every day people from different regions of Russia and neighboring countries call me (Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan). The people are asking questions about accommodation, buying tickets, the format of the event ... I answer the questions of the guys and at the same time I understand that a really big international party will gather in Moscow on September 15 ... and each of you can and should visit it.

Conference preparations are in full swing. This time we really want to organize a decent afterparty.

Friends! Do not delay the purchase of tickets in the last days. At the moment, there are still tickets for 4000 rubles. However, judging by the dynamics of purchases, next week 4000 tickets will no longer be left. Buy tickets in advance, this will help you and us at the same time.

You can buy tickets on the event page - http://railsclub.timepad.ru/event/29192
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We are waiting for you at the conference.

Oleg Balbekov.


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