Russian Foreign Intelligence Service creates bots for social networks for 30 million rubles

According to, the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) at the beginning of the year held 3 closed tenders for the development of methods of “forming public opinion” through social networks.
The terms of reference sounds like “the development of a special software package for the automated dissemination of information in large social networks and the organization of information support for events according to prepared scenarios of impact on a given mass audience of social networks”.

The software package consists of three modules, Disput (4.41 million rubles), Monitor-3 (4.99 million rubles) and Storm-12 (22.8 million rubles). Customer - "Military unit N54939".
All three systems are closely interconnected, at the first stage the “Disput” system works out - it is responsible for “researching the processes of forming communities of Internet centers for disseminating information on social networks”.
The work is followed by the Monitor-3 system, which is responsible for “developing methods for organizing and managing the Internet with a virtual community of attracted experts, including assigning tasks, monitoring work on social media and regularly receiving information from experts in given subject areas”
Finally, the Storm system -12 "throws the necessary information into a social network.

It is planned to complete Monitor-3 and Disput in 2012, and Storm-12 in 2013. Iteranet has become the executor of all three tenders, which has been repeatedly involved in government orders in the interests of special services.
In my opinion, now more than ever, the principle of “Trust, but verify”, and “Public opinion - that draws, how to turn, and it turned out” is more relevant than ever.