Smart web search: not only finds, but also recommends

On August 31, Yandex’s Moscow office will host a scientific and technical seminar on "Methods of analyzing user behavior and their use in web search and for content recommendations."

Speaker - Aris Gionis, Senior Fellow at the Yahoo! Barcelona Research Department, with a PhD in Computer Science from Stanford. He is engaged in the study of data analysis algorithms and web applications.

Aris Gionis will talk about various tasks that can be solved by analyzing user behavior on sites and in social media. The focus is on solving problems related to Internet searches and recommending content.

The speaker will touch on the topic of search hints, especially for rare queries. The new approach is based on highlighting query templates for which you need to make a hint and generate hints by establishing meaningful relationships between these templates, and not the queries themselves.

You’ll learn about the problem of extracting useful tips from Yahoo! Answers and their issuance in response to relevant search queries. Finally, Aris will talk about a news recommendation system based on information about users from various microblogging services such as Twitter.

The seminar will be held in English, beginning at 19:00. To participate in the seminar registration is required .

For those who can’t attend the seminar, a video broadcast will be organized .