Due to the fact that I write articles in Google Docks (I still find it more convenient to visually see the formatting), it’s a bit expensive to transfer from Google Docks to Habra layout, I filmed an online cover from “rich-text” (Google Docs, Word, etc. .d.) to the Habra-markup: habraconverter.meta4.info
Habraconverter supports:
  • Simple formatting (headers, bold / italic / crossed / underlined, superscript, subscript)
  • Quotes correction
  • References
  • Lists
  • Tables
  • Pictures (when copying from Google Docs, align is not taken into account)
  • Horizontal line
  • Source code (via text formatting in Courier New font)

Of course, the whole set of habra markup cannot be used, limited to the framework of a simple word processor like Google Docs, and I can’t do a “spoiler” there. However, it can still be simply inserted into the text (for this, nothing is converted during conversion). It seems to me even with these conditions, it will still simplify the process of writing articles in which the emphasis is on formatting the text.

When copying from Google Docs, even pictures are perfectly converted, but I'm not sure that the Google Docs store will withstand the “habraeffect” (correct if wrong).

The service is written in JavaScript, so there is no "server" there. The generated markup is quite human-readable. Unfortunately, extra lines may be inserted during conversion - this is not a difficult problem to circumvent, so a small manual check after conversion is necessary.

I consider offers on features and pool requests.

Project on github: github.com/daniilguit/habraconverter