Samsung at IFA 2012. Surprise Evening: Detailed Presentation

Today, at 21:00 Moscow time, the presentation of IFA 2012 from Samsung began. Hours earlier , Sony had a very quick presentation .
Samsung's room was much fuller than that of Sony, which shows a greater interest in the Korean company.
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At the beginning of the presentation, to the sounds of the orchestra, inflame the audience, a magician came out.
Finished with the cards - the business of balls came.
The advertisement of the presentation
“This belongs to everyone. Be creative. ”
Wim Wenders, director of the second teaser of Galaxy Note 2, came onstage.
He holds Note 10.1 in his hands.
“Creativity ... is a big word.” He talks about creativity and how cinema technologies have changed lately.

“I'm proud to be introducing the Galaxy Note.”
Wenders praises the Galaxy Note very much.
“Today everyone can be creative. Have a great evening. ”
Another video showing some creativity, and apparently, a new tablet was involved in its creation.
The "Mage" is back and represents JK Shin.

Galaxy Note flashed on the screens
“Galaxy Note has created a new category. Today you will see more innovation with the Galaxy Note. "
" You do not have to be Picasso or Einstein to do cool things on the Galaxy Note "
There is a dramatic video on the screens ... Where does the Galaxy SIII Wait a second
! This is the new Galaxy Note II!
“It will help you capture your ideas anytime, anywhere.”


As you can see, this is an exact copy of the Galaxy SIII.

S Pen Air View
“Multitasking is moving to a whole new level” The
new device boasts a 4-core processor with a frequency of 1.6 GHz, 2 GB of RAM, a battery of 3100 mAh, and the latest version of Android at the moment - Jelly Bean. It will be launched in 128 countries. In October.
“Samsung will continue to deliver outstanding, innovative and unique products that stand out in the industry.”
Hall applauds.

Jean-Daniel Ayme enters the scene.
Jean-Daniel Ayme notes that the Note is called "phablet." Phone + Tablet.
“This is the most powerful smartphone on the market.”

The S Pen has been seriously redesigned. Special attention is paid to the stylus and sensitivity to the force of pressing.
The smartphone weighs 180 grams with a thickness of 9.4 mm.
The 5.5-inch Super Amoled screen combines with the incredibly thin body of the device and the incredibly powerful battery.
It is applied to the ear.
Everything on Zoll.
Another new feature of pop-up notes - pop up note will allow you to make quick notes even while talking on the phone, or other moments when full use is difficult.
The word "creativity" was said an incredible number of times. I didn’t think that this is possible during one presentation
“Note 2 is so creative that you can even make sketches in email! Incredible ”
On stage, two - a representative of Samsung and the familiar magician.
Since the touch pen is touch sensitive, it is incredibly well suited for writing text
. As soon as you pull out the pen, the functionality of the desktop changes.
The magician asks about all the functions. Apparently, this should brighten up the impressions of the incessant word “creativity”.
Notes Notes
S Pen
“We have worked with many companies and made new software specifically for Note 2. But we paid maximum attention to working with the stylus. It seems that this function was decided to focus on the new Note. All new "features" of the interface and software relate to the touch pen. "
Device Specifications

Those. specifications

Сети : 3G, 4G LTE
Процессор : 4-х ядерный, 1.6 ГГц частота
Дисплей : 5,55", разрешение 720х1280, Super Amoled
Камера : Фронтальная — 1.9 мп, основная- 8 мп.
Видео : Codec: MPEG4, H.263, H.264, VC-1, DivX, WMV7, WMV8, WMV9, VPB
Формат : 3GP [MP4], WMV [ASF], AVI, FLV, MKV, WebM.
FullHD 1080p
GPS : A-GPS, Glonass
Память : 16, 32, 64 гб + MicroSD слот
Батарея : Standard Battery, LI-ion, 3,100mAh.
Размеры : 80.5x151.1x9.4 mm, 180 grams
NFC is present
And ... represent the Samsung Galaxy Camera!
21x zoom and 16 megapixels
Of course, it runs Android, is equipped with WiFi, a touch screen, and you can download image editing software from the application store.
You can quickly share photos on social networks
. Samsung Europe vice president returns to the scene. He will introduce you to the Android camera in more detail.
"I think we know the value of having optical zoom compared to a digital camera."
Turns on as fast as your smartphone. It has a powerful zoom and a huge touch screen.

It has voice control
The user interface for managing photos on the camera looks pretty good ...
There are even widgets for quick sharing of photos
We want to introduce you the Windows 8 product
“We are very happy with this new operating system”
called Samsung ATIV. More cards in the video. Magically.


A new milestone in the history of Samsung. There will be an ecosystem of powerful and beautiful devices running Windows 8.
"It has built-in Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G,"

S Pen, as usual. 1024 sensitivity levels. Like the Note II
11.6-inch display, Intel i5, 4 GB RAM, 14 BATTERY HOURS (!!!), 750 grams, 9.9 mm thickness

“Now we have the ATIV Smart PC Pro.”

“You can do all these things, and that's good, but something is missing.”

8.9 mm, 570 grams. 8200 mAh battery.
We have connected USB so you can connect to everything that matters.

And we want to introduce a new smartphone on Windows Phone 8.
The ATIV S is called a
4.8-inch display, 8.7mm thickness, 2,300 mAh battery, 8-megapixel camera + NFC.

And another device from Samsung. Series 9 notebook
OS - Windows 8
“This product is gorgeous! .. It is incredibly thin and fast. Iron is optimized so that you have “everything flew” ”
And that’s it!

Smart came out the evening of presentations from Samsung, unlike Sony
And here is the Samsung ATIV S and Samsung Galaxy Note 2