Windows Azure Mobile Services Announces New Cloud Service

Yesterday, in the blog of Scott Guthrie , another cloud service was announced in the Windows Azure platform family of services.


Windows Azure Mobile Services is a set of services designed to make it easier for mobile application developers to create and use a server backend. Using the Windows Azure cloud as such a backend will provide ready-made functionality for push notifications, saving data to cloud storage, authentication and authorization of users without the need to deploy their own infrastructure.

Today, Windows Azure Mobile Services is available as a preview version. , which allows you to develop mobile applications for Windows 8. Access to services is still available from C # and JavaScript. The development team is working on a public REST API that will allow you to receive data and work with services from any language. In addition, with the development of the service, the official instrumental support of Windows Phone, iOS and Android will be added to the release of the final version.

In order to start using the new Mobile Services, you must subscribe to their preview version at .


Access to the service is issued on the basis of the request queue, and therefore, it may take some time until your application is processed.

It is very pleasant that for a while the preview for 10 instances of mobile services, the price for the shared-mode of Mobile Services is zero! But, as for Web Sites, when you switch to reserved mode, money starts to be charged. Prices and payment details for resource consumption can be found on the special Pricing Details page .

Today, Windows Azure Mobile Services offers the following features:

Along with the launch of the service, the application developer tools for the Windows 8 Mobile Services SDK were released , which makes it easy to integrate cloud services into Windows 8 applications.
Get acquainted with the innovations in Windows Azure Mobile Services in the announcement from Scott Guthrie . You can also watch a video on Channel9 dedicated to new cloud services.

Habra users can already evaluate the first article-translation of the description of working with new services from Habrauser glamcoder - Getting started with Windows Azure Mobile Services .

Developers can read the guidelines for using the new cloud service on the official website at the following link .

Also, visit the new official mobile development section using Windows Azure .

And one more wonderful resource: a set of ready-made JavaScript scripts for communicating with services and answers to popular questions