Your startup is not a startup, but just a website

Original author: crranky
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Back in 2007, I started a free blog about games on Blogspot. After 6 months, using Google Adsense (and other advertising services), he began to bring about $ 3,800 per month.

A year later, the site had 110,000 unique readers, 1.5 million page views, and more than $ 10,000 in revenue per month, but it was just a blog with daily posts about games and, sometimes, reposts from the blogs of the games themselves.

Impressed by what I did, or rather, shocked by what happened to me, I told some about this at a startup conference.

But what did several successful startups tell me?

Это — не стартап. Это — просто веб-сайт.

Indeed, earning a huge unexpected income does not make a startup a startup. Thousands of unique visitors and views - also not.

So what really makes a startup a startup?

Does anyone think is a startup? This is a simple idea that is simply implemented by me, not a techie and without the help of programmers. Not?

Turning from this, I decided to make a “real” startup this time. With a little money in your pocket. He hired a programmer who spent a year developing a profile system for teenagers. Think this is for virtual profiles called funhouse .

A few thousand dollars spent, no income, about 6,000 users. Can I now consider myself a startup? A real startup? Or am I just a serial entrepreneur?

My track record can continue to be described, but I did not achieve “startup success.” I did everything for the money I received from that very first site.

If the meaning of the word startup is to beat against the wall in order to develop something according to its own cool idea, and then be bought by someone, then no, thanks, this is not for me.

I will just make big money creating a “website” every day.

Why? Because I do not want to make a “dent in the universe,” at least for now.

I just have to pay bills.