Large online store: inside view

Earlier, we wrote about the difficulties and major mistakes that may arise when opening a small online store. In order to give an idea of ​​large Internet projects in the field of electronic commerce and the difficulties that entrepreneurs may encounter during the growth stage of their project, we consider the work of a large online store "from the inside".

Some people think that a store on the Internet is a site that is supported by a couple of people, and for it to work, several managers on the phone and a courier are needed. In fact, any large online store has a very expensive and complicated back office, the setup of which is not an easy task.
A large online store works like a conveyor belt, from the receipt of an order to the return of goods, otherwise it will die. Let's start from the very beginning.

Advertising department

Отдел рекламы интернет-магазина

To obtain the necessary volume of orders, the online store uses various advertising tools, which we already wrote about . The advertising department is responsible for their effective use.

Tasks of the department:
  • Manage advertising tools (contextual advertising, CPA, SMM, SEO);
  • Development of various promotions for the site;
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of advertising tools;

Approximate structure of the advertising department:
  • Head of Department;
  • Contextual advertising managers (1-2);
  • CPA Specialists (1-2);
  • SMM Specialists (1-2);
  • Editor and copywriter (1-2);
  • Advertising analytics (2);

An online store cannot advertise a product without its description, specifications and photos. The content department is responsible for their creation.

Content department

Отдел контента интернет магазина

In order for the buyer to become interested in the product and make the right choice, you need high-quality photos of the product, reflecting important details, and a detailed description of its characteristics.
The content department may be the most expensive department in the company. Today, 3D photos and video materials, which allow us to demonstrate the advantages of each product, are widely used. An online store that quickly creates quality content will always be more successful than its competitors in the e-commerce market.

The next division is almost always a stumbling block in modern business.

IT department

Отдел IT в интернет-магазине

Automation is one of the top priorities for any modern company. And in the online store almost everything depends on it.

The first thing that requires serious study is the site. To create it, CMS in the standard configuration is not suitable. As a rule, in order to meet the requirements of a large online store, CMS has to be turned into an unknown Frankenstein.

The site must meet the following requirements:

  • Withstand high loads;
  • Have convenient search filters, since there can be from 3 to 100 thousand products in a showcase;
  • A contextual search should produce the most relevant data.
  • Pages should open quickly, and photos should be loaded instantly;
  • The showcase should take into account the features (age, gender) of the client and his preferences in previous sessions. A similar model is used in OZON, AMAZON and other large marketplaces;
  • During the day, the change in the status of availability of goods should be carried out promptly;
  • Every day, it is necessary to quickly add new positions to the product showcase. Their number can vary from one to several thousand;

With such requirements, very little remains of the standard CMS functionality. Web studios that are attracted to create an online store often assure the customer that developing a site on a boxed CMS is a guarantee of receiving updates and staying on those. support. But this is far from the main thing when creating a large online store. Much more important is the implementation and the possibility of subsequent changes in various functions of the site, resistance to stress and security.

Some companies develop the site from scratch, making the so-called "custom". In this case, a lot of problems also arise. There is always a risk that the marketplace will not work stably or the contractor will not finish the project.
For ourselves, we decided that a large online store is more profitable to do on a free CMS system. There are several reasons for this:

  • No need to pay for a software license;
  • It’s easier to find developers to maintain and upgrade the online store;
  • Universal web developers who are not tied to a specific CMS are much cheaper;
  • If there is a need to change the artist halfway, then it is easier to do this within the framework of some common CMS platform, in contrast to the "Custom" solution;

Content Management System
A fairly new term for the Russian market. This system performs the following tasks:

  • Storage of product content (descriptions, photos and videos);
  • Site showcase management - setting up rules for displaying goods in relevant categories;
  • Setting rules for checking downloaded content;
  • Tools for convenient content creation;

Usually there is no ready-made system and you need to either order it or do it yourself. From our own experience, we can say that the development of such a system will require at least 6 months. development. The cost of the system can be estimated at 3-5 million rubles.

Workflow and ERP
Companies usually use an ERP system to automate the interaction of business units. Most often 1C. Almost all divisions of the company work in it. This allows you to build certain business processes that are characteristic of certain departments.

Here is an example of business processes related to ordering goods by a client, automated through an ERP system.
The sales department, having accepted the order, enters it into the ERP, or the order enters the ERP system from the site automatically. Further, the ERP system should automatically reserve goods from the warehouse for this order. Part of the ordered goods, as a rule, is in your own warehouse of the online store. The other part must be ordered from suppliers. To automate the process of moving an order between departments, a certain model of order movement between the relevant departments is created in the ERP system. According to this principle, the order is transferred to the procurement department, which orders goods not in stock from suppliers. Next, the order is transferred to the logistics department, which sends drivers to the supplier’s warehouse to receive goods and deliver them to the online store’s warehouse. After that, the order is moved to the warehouse. Its task is to pack the received goods and collect orders for delivery to the client. After assembly, the order is transferred to the delivery department, which delivers the goods to the customer.
All these processes only on paper seem simple. But in fact, setting them up in ERP takes at least 1 year and requires a team of developers and business analysts.

There are no ready-made solutions for such tasks, therefore, the company staff always
has several programmers who "finish" ERP for certain tasks.

Internal projects
In any Internet company there are internal projects. They are associated with the introduction of a new function or software product, ensuring information security, etc.

There are several important tasks that an online store faces:
  • The provision of loans to customers through credit brokers YesCredit, All on credit, etc .;
  • Acceptance of payments by bank cards;
  • Acceptance of payments through mobile terminals;
  • One-click call from the site ( eg );
  • Organization of pickup points;
  • Implementation of call analytics and call center products;
  • Implementation of products for calculating logistics routes;

The structure of the department of information technology:
  • Head of Department;
  • Руководитель группы веб- development. (он же системный архитектор);
  • Developer (2);
  • Tester;
  • Imposer;
  • Руководитель группы development. ERP;
  • Developer ERP (2);
  • Project Manager;

The information technology department is usually the third most expensive full-time unit. The results of the entire company depend on how well the work of the department is built.

Technical Support Department

Отдел технической поддержки крупного интернет-магазина
This department supports the technical infrastructure of the company. As a rule, it consists of 3-4 people. The mission of this unit is to quickly respond to tickets and perform tasks in a quality manner. With the right approach, the department can save the online store money on the purchase of licenses for software, computers and other hardware.

Product department

product management в интернет-магазине
The website of the online store requires constant management, as customers work with it. Therefore, for the development of this product requires a product manager. This is a person who knows what functions a site should have and strives to constantly improve it in order to maximize customer satisfaction.
This is a rather specific and rare vacancy, the conditions of the candidates, as a rule, high salaries (from $ 5,000), an Apple computer and a free work schedule.

Sales department

Orders to the online store come in different ways. Some customers place an order on the site and wait for the manager to contact them. Others immediately call the online store to place an order and obtain the necessary information. Unfortunately, the Russian mentality and the lack of normal operators do not allow online stores to work according to the Amazon model.

The manager of the online store works in the accounting system (usually 1C). Enters orders into it and negotiates delivery with customers. From this moment, the work of the back office for the implementation of the order begins. Automating this process is a big and difficult task.

Purchasing department

Отдел закупок в интернет-магазине
The functions of this department include the daily purchase of goods from suppliers, the search for new suppliers and a lot of operational work.
Department Composition:
  • Head of Department;
  • Account managers (or brand managers, their number strongly depends on either the number of suppliers or the number of manufacturers);
  • Operational Managers (2-3);

A good purchasing department seeks discounts, installments and other favorable conditions for the company from suppliers.

Logistic and Delivery Service

Служба логистики и доставки в интернет-магазине
As a rule, all major online stores have their own delivery service. This allows you to maintain a high level of service, which is not always possible in the case of outsourcing. The service consists of a group of logistics and delivery. The logistics service distributes the cars along the routes, and the delivery is the cars themselves with drivers who deliver the goods.
Some companies create their own fleet, which is quite expensive and beneficial only with high investment budgets. Most often, the online store does not hire drivers in the state, but works with them through an IP contract, which saves on taxes.


Склад в крупном интернет-магазине
The warehouse of a large online store can be very different from the classic warehouse of a distributor. It all depends on the product. An online store, as a rule, has many small orders of small-sized goods. Therefore, the storekeeper, for the assembly of the order, goes around the warehouse much more than the storekeeper of a wholesale distributor. Because of this, it is beneficial for an online store to think through warehouse automation to optimize the time of storekeepers and, as a result, to reduce assembly time.

Complaints Department

Отдел рекламаций в крупном маркетплейсе
To resolve disputes with customers for orders and services, a complaints department is needed.
It can perform the following tasks:
  • Consultations on defective goods;
  • The solution of controversial situations when the courier is with the client;
  • Customer retention with discounts and gifts when the customer refuses the goods;
  • Calling customers to collect statistics and assess the quality of the service provided;

Department of Internal Control

Отдел внутреннего контроля в крупном интернет-гипермаркете
Even with the high-quality organization of business processes in the company, it is necessary to control and evaluate processes from the outside. There is an internal control department for this. His main responsibility is to analyze the activities of the company as a whole and each unit (employee) in particular. This is a lever to eliminate bottlenecks in the company.

Human Resources and Security

Отдел кадров и служба безопасности в интернет-гипермаркете
The rapidly developing Internet business and, as a result, the growth in the number of investment projects affect the job market. First of all, this affects salaries - they are growing rapidly. This is due to a pre-planned investment budget, the purpose of which is to find an employee no matter how much the company costs. Organizations with a limited budget are getting a lot harder. For example, in Moscow, all 1C developers want to earn at least 100 tr, even those specialists who recently graduated from the institute and have six months of work experience. With web developers a similar situation.
The team composition of the online store greatly depends on the skills and qualifications of the personnel department.
The security service ensures that people who have a criminal record or a certificate from a mental hospital are not accepted into the company.

As you can see, behind the website on the Internet lies a very large company, the formation of which takes more than one year of hard work.
We wish all entrepreneurs in the field of e-commerce to strive for maximum results and achieve them!