Samsung Galaxy Camera at IFA 2012

Yesterday, Samsung suddenly showed not only the new Smart PC and the second Note, but also shocked everyone with a camera on Android.

At first glance, you fall in love with a gadget. Soundly made: the right weight, size, high-quality HD-display with a capacitive sensor, plus the ability to insert a SIM card and automatically load everything into the cloud or some Instagram, 21x optical zoom, 16 megapixels ...
... manual settings are very conveniently implemented.

Immediately and the kit showed: a mini tripod, an additional flash, voluminous arm pads, covers and all that.

Until they shook hands, we managed to conduct a synthetic test. The result is impressive. The quad-core processor tears everyone around :)
But when you start to understand, everything becomes not as cool as it seems at first glance.

It turned out that the CMOS-matrix inside such an impressive case was very small: 1 / 2.3 ". And with the focus on the large zoom during the tests there were problems ... And the battery questions: Samsung does not name the capacity, and the gadget was always connected to And they say that this thing will cost 30k (information is not verified!).
If everything is weighed well, the Galaxy Camera super cool does not become so reinforced concrete anymore. firmware. It really hurts to like the idea.
PS Compare the quality of pictures of Panasonic GH2 and Samsung Galaxy Camera.
Panasonic. Full size.
Samsung. Full size.

The difference is on the face. Those who liked the Samsung gadget despite the flaws can only rely on the dampness of the firmware.