New Internet Bank Tinkoff Credit Systems

Hello to all! The topic of creating financial applications is now quite relevant, different banks release and update their web interfaces. Everyone wants to give customers a simple and enjoyable way to work with accounts.

For us, creating a new Internet bank was one of the most important goals for the past year. We already had several similar decisions in the past and it was necessary to do something much better.

We studied the world's best products, looked at what our customers would like, designed, developed, tried to use it ourselves if something didn’t like it, did it again. There was a lot of discussion. And this summer they launched their new Internet banking for customers .

The best part is that on our first attempt Global Finance magazine recognized our new Internet banking as the best in Russia in 2012 , it seems that we are on the right track.

Below is a brief overview of the functionality and interfaces with a large number of illustrations.

What have we done?

The main idea of ​​the new Internet banking was the possibility of maximum personalization, therefore, as the idea for the interface, they chose a portal:
All the necessary functionality should be available on one page without additional clicks and clicks. We divided the functions into widgets that can be moved, minimized or put into the catalog:
We also tried to maximally visualize financial information in order to simplify the perception:

About 1,500 Russian providers can be paid from Internet banking. In order not to overload the user, they are divided by region, by default only providers of the region defined by IP address are displayed. Providers are preloaded into the cache and indexed, so they are searched very quickly for O (1). There are different transfers, for frequent payments you can create templates so as not to enter details every time:
There is a separate page on which you can solve issues if the Internet Bank itself does not have the corresponding functions. In particular, it is possible to call the call center from the browser:
Personal data can be changed without contacting the bank by phone:

If you are not a client of our bank, you can see how some of the functions of Internet banking work on video:

So far, the functionality is pretty standard for such applications. But there is something that no one has yet. For example, the opportunity to share information about the completed operation with friends:
You can also see brand logos associated with them on operations:
Although, of course, we spent most of the time working out the interface. Further we will increase functionality.

I hope you were interested in looking at what we did.

We are happy to discuss all suggestions and comments in the comments.