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Yandex.Maps answer the main questions about the city - about traffic jams, addresses, routes, and, of course, organizations. The service helps to find cafes and gas stations, pharmacies and ATMs, cinemas, supermarkets and much more. But at the same time, a very important part of the knowledge about organizations was still missing on the Maps - because search robots, panoramic cars and satellites do not buy clothes, do not communicate with sales assistants and do not try specialties in the restaurant that has just opened.

Speech, you guessed it, about the reviews. Today they appeared on Yandex.Maps. Reviews have been working successfully for a long time in our other service - Yandex.Market where customer comments are an important criterion for choosing a product and store. The same thing “works” everywhere, not only on the Internet, but also in real life - all other things being equal, we prefer those places that are recommended to us by friends and relatives. And this is understandable - the cats in the bag are very unfriendly.

Have you been pleased with the service in the cafe or, conversely, have you been rude? Find a couple of minutes and share your impressions with all visitors to Maps! And also tell us what prices it is worth counting on, whether cards are accepted, whether there is Wi-Fi - in general, everything that you find useful.

Cafe is just the most trivial example. On Maps, they search for a variety of organizations, where reviews are no less important and valuable (for example, maternity hospitals ).

To read reviews, just find the organization on the maps, and then on the left of the screen, under its name, you will see the desired button.

Any registered user of Yandex can leave a review. Messages appear on the service after moderation. Now on the Maps there are about 400 thousand reviews from our partners - primarily for the most popular organizations. And on the service there are ratings from Yandex employees themselves - we tested the service inside and during this time we managed to remember something.

Representatives of organizations can read and comment on the opinions of users - so this is a great opportunity to find a common language, get explanations and change something in this world.

Read, comment, see rating and ratings and just share your sore and joyful!

Yandex.Mart team, we
accept reviews