Synology Announces Official Release Of DiskStation Manager 4.1


Synology has released the final version of DiskStation Manager (DSM) 4.1. In just 50 days, the DSM beta has received over 80,000 downloads, making it the most successful Synology operating system to date.

DiskStation Manager 4.1 offers:
  • Virtualization support: DSM 4.1 supports VMware vSphere 5 VAAI (vStorage API for Array Integration). VAAI support includes hardware blocking (ATS), block zeroing, and full copying. DiskStation or RackStation improves ESXi server performance and optimizes storage utilization by providing more efficient virtualization capabilities.
  • Business applications: The updated Syslog server allows you to quickly view the activity log, has a wide notification service, and a custom log archive, which facilitates the management of logs on the network (for IT specialists). The Cloud Station service application offers users an easy way to automatically synchronize files up to 5GB in size, with the possibility of distributing them simultaneously in two folders. In accordance with IT policies, this application supports HTTPS tunneling and proxies to establish a secure connection. The updated mail server is designed with an intuitive interface with which users can instantly view email and have access to data. The new development also provides SMTP / SMTPS network protocols, mail address aliases, поддержку нескольких доменов, спам-фильтр, и автоответчик.
  • Reliable file sharing solution: DSM 4.1 features enhanced data consolidation capabilities, allowing users to synchronize shared folders from multiple DiskStations and RackStations. File sharing is not only more efficient with FXP support, but also safer with SFTP support in accordance with enterprise security standards. In addition, DSM 4.1 allows you to control the number of user connections and speed, which limits the maximum allowed bandwidth load, providing quality services.
  • Ample multimedia features. The latest Video Station has a convenient and modern interface that automatically collects and provides information about all video files, providing a convenient way to organize collections. Using an external USB DTV tuner, you can watch TV programs in real time or set up a convenient recording scheme yourself. DS Video is also available to users of iOS devices and supports H.264 streaming video of certain formats in HD quality, allowing you to enjoy watching . Photo Station allows you to view photos not only in chronological order, but also provides data on geographic location. Audio Station, thanks to an updated stylish interface, allows each user to create a personal audio library, and when listening, the screen displays the text of the song with the highlight of the current line. Even in the absence of an Internet connection, iOS users can enjoy their favorite music stored in the cache. In addition, both DS audio and DS photo + are supported on Windows Phone. And the new DS download allows iOS users to manage download tasks from mobile devices.
  • Advanced CCTV Features. To increase the convenience and efficiency of use, an updated Surveillance Station 6 application has been developed, equipped with an intuitive interface with four video scroll bars, each of which corresponds to a video channel. The new tracking system includes Tally Counter, Virtual Fence and No-idle Zone, which helps users easily detect strangers. In addition, the API service provides more opportunities to add additional features to the video surveillance system.

DiskStation or RackStation users can download Synology DSM 4.1 for free from the 2009 model year.

Supported models:
DS213 +, DS213, DS712 +, DS212, DS212 +, DS212j, RS212, RS812, DS1512 +, DS1812 +, DS3612xs, RS3412xs, RS3412RPxs, DS112j, DS112, DS412 +, RS812 +, RS812RP +, RS812RP +, RS812RP +, RS812RP +, 221, RS812RP +, 221, RS812RP +, RS212 + RS212, RS11 + , RS2211RP +, RS411, DS3611xs, DS2411 +, DS1511 +, DS411 + II, DS411 +, DS411, DS411j, DS411slim, DS211 +, DS211, DS211j, DS111, RS810 +, RS810RP +, DS1010 +, DS410, DS110, DS110, DS110, DS10, DS10, DS10, DS10, DS10, , RS409 +, RS409RP +, RS409, DS509 +, DS409 +, DS409, DS209 + II, DS209 +, DS209, DS209j, DS109 +, DS109, DS109j, DS409slim
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