MegaFon Launches the All-Russian System of Housing and Utilities Accounting

The topic of housing and communal services is universally considered one of the most difficult to reform and far from innovation. However, MegaFon decided to change this. The MegaFon Innovation Development Center Megalabs launches an absolutely unique service in the field of housing and communal services for Russia: “Resource under control”. The project has already been launched in Moscow and the Moscow region, and from September it will be expanded to the entire territory of Russia.

In a nutshell: daily MegaFon remotely collects and processes data from all heat, water and light meters, giving payers the opportunity to control them and pay online. Thanks to this, such a procedure as taking meter readings is a thing of the past, and at the same time a number of important tasks are being solved, which in the end allow us to finally start saving on apartment bills - which is especially important recently.

How it works

“Resource under control” consists of meters, channel-forming equipment — communication lines, modems, routers, and databases and application software.

MegaLabs partner is the integrating company Automation Development Center Center for Automation ( CRSA ), which has extensive experience in implementing automated energy control and accounting systems (ASKUE). MegaFon provides delivery, collection, centralized data processing and resources for scaling up a project on a federal scale.

First of all, counters are installed in the subscriber’s apartment or private house. In this case, the replacement of already installed metering devices is optional, provided that they are in working condition, they have not expired the verification period, and there are pulse outputs for connecting transceiver equipment.

In such cases, MegaFon installs only transceiver equipment, which, through various interfaces - wired / wireless or PLC power network - transfers data to channel-forming equipment, which is installed, for example, in the attic, in the basement or in the control room of an apartment building. In the case of the private sector - usually at a transformer substation.

Placing equipment in the control room of an apartment building. Modem - in the upper left corner

There, among other equipment, modems with MegaFon SIM cards are installed. Once a day or more often (for industrial enterprises) the equipment transmits consumption data via a dedicated APN access point via a VPN channel inside the MegaFon network to the MegaFon server in the data center (Tier III reliability according to the TIA-942 standard), where processing information and transferring it to the user’s personal account page. The system is completely closed from external influences.

The Internet is used only by clients to access the web-based interface or your personal account on a computer, laptop, tablet or other mobile device, where already collected and processed information is displayed.

Already from the data center, this information goes to various consumers: to billing systems, management companies, energy sales organizations, industrial enterprises, which, along with private users, get access to their personal account on the website , which allows daily monitoring of their consumption, history spending resources, making payments, asking questions, etc.

The fight against the "loss" of resources

Electricity is “lost” in two ways: natural losses and commonplace theft. Losses of electricity during transmission do not exceed 4-5%, the total losses reach 30-40%, and the difference between these two indicators is theft by illegally connecting to power grids or “twisting” meters.

The company "CRSA" works with the best domestic suppliers of metering devices that support various technologies of protection against theft of electricity. I'll tell you how it works on the example of the Moscow region of counters of " The Matrix ":
The sensor magnet protects against popular fashion twist counters using powerful magnets. Responding to a magnetic field, it sends a signal about an attempt to "twist" to the data center.
Differential current sensor, detecting the difference between incoming and returning current. If this difference is not equal to zero, then the counter can disconnect the subscriber or signal the accident to the center.

Seals and sensors protect the meter from tampering.
In the private sector, the meter is installed outside the home, which makes it difficult to connect to the network bypassing the meter - it's just too noticeable.

Due to the continuous dispatching of balances on the porch, house, feeder, etc. thefts are detected almost immediately in the remote mode, therefore, in the Resource under Control system, electricity losses are reduced to those very natural 4-5%.

Unlike electricity, problems with underpayments for water usually result from malfunctioning meters and incorrect filling of receipts by subscribers. In such houses, the readings of a common house meter differ from the total indicators of water meters.
This difference in testimony is covered by bona fide subscribers who pay in addition to their consumption these losses, which can be up to 50% of his account.

“Resource under control” allows you to simplify data collection: there is no need to enter the apartment for subscribers to visually take readings, as well as to balance the balances by home and apartment meters, which allows you to identify emergencies, the amount of real losses (breaks in utilities, unauthorized water withdrawals etc.). As a result, the problem of incorrectly filling out receipts is solved, and most importantly - there is no longer any need to pay for water "for yourself and for that guy," because there simply cannot be unaccounted water consumption in our system. The resource is under control!

The third important component of energy control is heat supply. Here, the main problem is, first of all, in the absence of apartment heat meters and the ability to regulate its supply. Often during the heating season, residents have to open windows in order to maintain a comfortable temperature in the apartment, and, accordingly, pay for an excess.
The installation of a house-wide heat metering system with an automated control unit allows you to control the heat supply to the apartments in accordance with the outdoor temperature. Fine tuning is carried out by installing a system of apartment heat metering together with individual thermostats, which helps to reduce consumption.

The heat sensor is attached to the battery

In the dry residue

For ordinary subscribers of public utilities, i.e. us with you:

  • Convenience. Even in such a conservative industry as housing and communal services, it is possible to organize control and payment for services online. The subscriber is no longer required to even see the counter. “Resource under control” allows you to pay all utility bills, not just water, heat and light, online.
  • Savings: for example, heat and volume sensors that take into account the heat consumption by a subscriber can save an average apartment about 300 rubles a month, which guarantees the return on their installation for 2 years. Multitariff electric meters allow you to optimize the cost of light.
  • Transparency. Access to consumption information in your account allows you to be sure of the subscriber what exactly he pays for.
  • Safety. In the future, along with accounting systems, subscribers will also be offered protection systems that turn off the water supply in the apartment if a leak is detected. And now, being at the end of the world and having a smartphone or tablet in our hands, we can see the daily consumption schedule through the browser in our personal account and be calm if there are no surges on it.

All data is in your personal account, from any device, anywhere.
A separate list of advantages “Resource under control” suggests for management companies and HOAs:

  1. Reduction of energy losses
  2. Reducing the cost of personnel and equipment for servicing databases and billing systems. The proposed billing system is fully integrated with automated energy metering systems, and fully complies with Russian legislation in the field of housing and communal services.
  3. Simplification of the work of lineman thanks to the ability to detect emergency situations, leaks or illegal selection of energy resources remotely.
  4. Reducing the number of debtors due to the ability to remotely disconnect or limit electricity subscribers on the one hand, and increased collection of payments through the use of a convenient personal account by citizens on the other.
  5. Increased consumer confidence through the participation of an independent certified automated system.
  6. Minimizing claims from citizens as a general result of all of the above.

How to connect

Energy metering operators in Europe are very successful: companies such as Techem in Germany, the largest billing and energy service operator or utility operator Enel in Italy, have installed more than 25 million metering devices for each of their customers. However, they are in no hurry to enter our market for a number of reasons, including the opacity of the housing and communal services structures themselves, the complexity of legislation, the mentality, corruption and the lack of a culture of energy consumption. Therefore, “Resource under control” is an absolutely unique offer for our market. This is exactly the case when changes are beneficial to everyone: the end consumer, and the industry as a whole.

You probably already understood that Resource under Control will not come to a separate apartment, because This is an integrated system that requires the complete connection of an object - all apartments in the house, or all sections in the SNT, for example.

The direct client of the “Resource under control” can only be a management company (HOA, SNT), which connects all the apartments in the house, however, the decision to introduce in the power of the owners of housing and non-residential premises (end consumers), which they can take at meetings or based on surveys tenants. Then you contact your management company, obliging it to implement our system.
A potential customer or a meeting of tenants can immediately calculate on a MegaFon website the cost of a project for their home both in the private sector and in an apartment building thanks to the project calculator :
In September, Resource Under Control goes to the federal level, therefore, to clarify the possibility and connection conditions will be possible in any region of Russia.