Android 4.4 gets the name Kit Kat (+1 billion activated devices)

Sandar Pichai, the head of Chrome and Android, in his blog post on Google+ revealed the name of the next version of the mobile operating system. Android 4.4 will be called Kit Kat:
The fact that the next version of Android was to be called “K” has been known for a long time - the alphabetical order of the world of sweets system versions follow from the very beginning: A pple Pie, B anana Bread , C upcake, D onut, E clair, F royo, G ingerbread, H oneycomb, I ce Cream Sandwich and J elly Bean. However, everyone was inclined to the name Key Lime Pie, and the Kit Kat brand belongs to Nestle.

As it turned out, Google entered into a partnership agreement with a Swiss company, although, according to the BBC, the money was not involved in them on either side. But in honor of such a mobile victory, Nestle launched a contest in the style of Willy Wonka - certificates for Nexus 7 tablets and Google Play credits will be invested in chocolates. In total, 50 million branded chocolates will be produced in 19 countries, including Russia.

What exactly will be in the Android Kit Kat and when it comes out is not yet known.

In addition, the same Pichai announced that Android is already activated on more than 1 billion devices.