Concepts, concepts, ideas and products (part 1)


When I was working, I worked at some kind of work, but due to the engineering and creative mindset, I still opened my company a couple of years ago in order to more freely deal with the nonsense that interests me. The company, of course, in quotation marks, the company is an orchestra of one person. It creates much more than actually sold.
And in between attempts to earn a pretty penny on food and family, I give birth to different ideas and concepts. Some are just for the occasion, some are based on some kind of order or as the basis for a new product.
Next will be some of these ideas - maybe someone will come in handy.

USB over network adapter

Category: ancient idea, device I
forgot the whole point, apparently USD data should have been transmitted through the internal network of a house or apartment.
Those. on one side is a computer-USB-adapter-network, and on the other: a network-adapter-USB device.
In general, it’s useful (to connect a printer, a webcam, a speaker) and probably something is on the market.

Auto Presenter

Category: ancient idea, device
Small device: turntable, 4 diode lights, camera with backlight and zoom, pico projector (+ video output).
We put an object (for example, a phone) on the platform, it rotates according to the given scheme and check points with the necessary information are put on the screen.
Now almost the same device is already there to shoot 3D models.

Those. ер движения

Category: ancient idea, device.
This was before the time of Kinekt and Leap Motion. It was proposed to use a marker and, for some reason, IR illumination.
Chip - a two-color marker for a gesture like a finger turn.

Compact Auto Parking

Category: ancient idea, automation
In an Asian country where I managed to live, there is a problem with parking, but there are quite a few empty small sections of shop house houses.
And here is a solution - drive up, and your machine takes away the machine. In general, of the new - only compactness and modularity.

Assistant Camera

Category: ancient idea, cars
A small camera on a folding (not to fall off, if that) and telescopic (to raise higher) mount.
It turns in any direction, but in the cabin, of course, the screen and controls. Conceived buttons of scenarios: turn, traffic jam, parking.
I would have bought one for myself now, but nobody offers something.

Pokamak - Photo Card Machine

Category: ancient idea, devices
Small wall-mounted terminal, which was supposed to be installed near popular places to take photos against their background.
Now of course there are already smartphones with all these functions and all sorts of check-in sites. But getting a vintage printed photo is warm and lamp-like.
In the second version of the device, a bunker with special curly frames appeared:


Trendy Quotes, Fashion Quotes Web Service

Category: website, application, start-up
Website + mobile application:
- photo of a “celebrity” + his quotes
- base of quotes from bearded philosophers, writers, psychologists, to stars, politicians and heroes of heroes
- ratings, top 100
- printing on T-shirts, circles, posters
- all sorts of shareings on Twitter and Facebook
In general, a complete mincemeat for a typical modern startup.

Robo Cafe with Food Lift

Category: ancient idea, catering establishment, automation
Relevant for dense cities, or as a hallmark of a restaurant - the usual horizontal service translates into a vertical position. Visitors sit on the floors, and the order is carried out from the touch screen, food delivery - by elevator.
This idea was continued in a real software product, about which further.

Electronic Menu

Category: catering, automation, interface, software.
With this sketch, the development of software for the Electronic Menu began. That was about 3 years ago.
The working version already looked a little different and was influenced by apple trends:
Software on .NET and WPF. It is fully operational, client-server and monitoring. But, despite the seemingly great idea, it is never used anywhere.


Quite a lot of functions were written, support for options, quick selection mode.


One institution even did a little work:
Estimated interface update:
Real update this year:
The option system lost its colored buttons:


Quick order

Category: fast food, retail, automation, interface, software
As a logical continuation of the Electronic menu - a touch interface for quick ordering in all kinds of eateries and shops.
Remedy for queues, excessive discussion of products with the seller, replicas such as “we don’t have this ... and this either”
End of the first part.
Next: smart parking, interactive presentation, digital poster, remote orders, smart home, smart elevator, modular monitor, etc.
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