Post about Habré and good

Here, on the hub, there is a very interesting indicator called karma. It is formed by the users themselves, allowing you to express a certain attitude towards others. That is why, as a statistic, karma is a very interesting indicator. By analyzing such statistics, you can see the “mood” of the community. In the article I will try to slightly open the nature of the habrosociety. Want to get to know him better?

As statistics, I took the history of changes in the karma of users from the service . Thanks to the user feedbee , for the excellent service and data provided.

I understand that not all users are registered there and everything that will be said below, perceive with some degree of error. But do not be disappointed, an interested reader, there are a lot of users and a rather "high-quality" selection.

Portrait Portrait

Total users of the service: 18 539
Total logs that have been recorded since the launch of the service: 17 976 030

Sample Activity:

Inactive are those who do not have the date of the last stay on the Habrr in their profile.
To confirm the quality of the sample, we compare demographic statistics:
I did not find a way to determine the "average" gender by the user profile, so I included them all in the male half. Given this, percentages are identical.
So, we got acquainted with the portrait of the sample. Now let's see some statistics on users.

Visiting Activity

You may notice that more than 6,000 users ( 36% of active users) visited the site for the last time at least six months ago. This indicates the variability of the character of the habrochanin or that he reads articles without authorization, possibly with the help of RSS readers.


So we got to karma. And the most intriguing question here is its merger and increase. And also the reasons why this was done. To start, a graph showing the volumes of the merger and increase. For convenience, karma indicators were taken with a difference of at least 10 units in a period of a maximum of 10 days, because there were days and even months when the habrometer lay peacefully.

It is clearly seen that for most users, karma is growing rather than falling. And it is also evident that they are passionately plus and merged with the same fury.
But there is one BUT ... these are the reasons for the change in karma.

Only cases where karma changed by at least 15 units were analyzed, but this does not change the picture as a whole, because and in this case, the ratio of 30% to 70%. As you can see, they mostly merge karma because of comments, but raise them for written articles.
During the analysis of the causes of karma drain, I decided to highlight the ways in which this can be achieved.

TOP 7 ways to be merged

  1. Justify the act, which is obviously bad, with bright colors (exactly the opposite). And if you are in any way connected with the commission of this act, justify yourself a little more persistently.
  2. Insult someone else's faith, nation, love of Android. As a rule, this is followed by holivars and a terrible branch length in the comments, which are absolutely of no value in the context of the topic.
  3. Not to be objective in a dispute, emotionally prove your point of view without giving facts. So you can show your lack of competence in the matter under discussion and attract the attention of others.
  4. Be a crook.
  5. Swearing.
  6. Before joining or starting a discussion, do not familiarize yourself with the subject of the conversation.
  7. Write an article in violation of Habr’s rules .

This is the character of the habrosociety. Most of all, constructive conversations are valued here and do not tolerate ignorant behavior.


It all started with the desire to write about the growing level of negativity, depression, discontent among ourselves and in the society around us. Together with knowledge and enlightenment, a lot of gray is absorbed by us through the global network at an incredible speed. Social networks, all kinds of portals, groups, newsletters ... all this connects one person with a whole crowd of other people who have their own worldview and their own truth, which they often are not averse to sharing, and in some cases even imposing. I wanted to write that all information becomes more concentrated, accumulating in different forms and quantities everywhere around, not only in virtual space. We need to be able to filter and choose everything. The main thing is to understand that a thought / action left / committed by you in any form can reach tens / thousands / millions of people, что должно подразумевать соответствующую ответственность.

Be kinder friends (more tolerant, humane, positive). Make love, not war.

I wanted to write about it, but then I remembered that Habr was not my personal blog and did not put this idea into a separate article, but diluted it with statistics and a little analysis.