The most famous / original phones from Nokia: remember what was

Yes, most likely, we will no longer see new models of phones / smartphones from Nokia, since the company sold its core business to Microsoft. Nevertheless, over many years of leadership, the Finnish manufacturer has created many interesting devices that can be considered “icons” of the entire sector of phones / smartphones. There were successful solutions, they were not very, but all this contributed to the development of the smartphone / phone market. There are a lot of photos under the cut, so be careful if you have paid traffic.

Nokia 1011
This is not the first phone from a Finnish manufacturer, but this model, released in 1992, can be called the first modern phone to work in GSM networks.

Nokia 2110

With this phone, the world-famous ringtone for the first time began to be delivered, which became one of the most recognizable.

Nokia 8110
This phone, released in 1996, has become a business-oriented model. Three years later, the phone lit up in the movie The Matrix, becoming world-famous.

Communicator 9000
This was probably the first such communicator introduced to the unprepared world. giant 4.5-inch display, 24 MHz processor - all this has become a dream for lovers of gadgets. Of course, the communicator was also designed for businessmen.

Model 8210

This phone came out in 1999, and immediately after the release, it was described on almost all technology blogs / sites. The fact is that the phone had an internal rather than an external antenna. This was a new word in "telephone construction." In addition, the device, despite its small size, was equipped with an infrared port, which makes it possible to exchange data.

Nokia 3310 This is
probably one of the most famous phones of the Finnish manufacturer. A total of 125 million such devices were sold, which is quite a lot, even by today's standards.

Nokia 7650
This is the first phone to ship with Symbian. In addition, this is the first phone released by the company, which was equipped with a camera.

Nokia 6800

One of Nokia's successful experiments with the full-size QWERTY keyboard
Gaming smartphone, which for some reason did not become popular. The photo shows the N-Gage QD.

Nokia 7600
This was one of the first 3G-smartphones from the company, which was made in a very original form factor.

Nokia 7610
Released in 2004, the phone has become a bestseller, one of.

Nokia 7280
Also a very interesting experiment from the Finnish manufacturer, which, however, did not become popular. This phone was very unusual.

Nokia 7710

The first attempt by the Finns to release a phone with a touch screen. Its strange form factor scared away many potential buyers.

Nokia 9300
Another communicator from nokia, released for business representatives. At the same time, company representatives avoided calling the device a “communicator."

Nokia 770 Internet Tablet
Yes, this is a tablet that worked on Maemo (later MeeGo), an OS that was considered the company's future favorite. As you know, nothing came of this.

Nokia N93
Cool smartphone with optics from Carl Zeiss, it was, as they say, "just a bomb."

Nokia N95

An interesting smartphone model, positioned as the "killer iPhone."

Nokia N97
A powerful smartphone that had a number of shortcomings. These shortcomings led to the fact that the phone did not become a bestseller.

The Nokia E71
Smartphone has been released as a competitor for some BlackBerry models. Little came of this attempt, although the phone could become popular in its segment.

Nokia X7
The first X-Series phone with Symbian ^ 3.

Nokia N9
808 PureView
The latest Symbian phone, the latest PureView phone. By the way, the 41-megapixel camera still holds a record.

Lumia 800

After this phone, other representatives of Lumia went, about whom a lot has already been said, and for the time being they cannot be called historical models.

And by itself, the list is incomplete, for many other models were any / perfect. Therefore, I propose to continue and supplement the list in the comments.

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