Discount for the book "HTML5 and CSS3. Website development for any browsers and devices. "

Come on! The other day we have published the book "HTML5 and CSS3. Website development for any browsers and devices. " For our loyal fans from Habré, we offer a 25% discount on the paper and digital versions of the book. The promotion is valid until the end of September! To get a discount, when placing an order, enter the promo code f1f30831b892c163f476c .


Today, more than ever, the challenge of responsive web design is acute. More and more tablet computers, smartphones and even televisions are used to access the Internet. Web page developers need to take into account the huge variety of screen sizes, as well as take into account the features of the corresponding user interaction. Responsive web design allows you to best display the contents of sites on the screens of devices used for viewing. At the same time, web pages will look good on displays not only of modern devices, but also of those that will appear in the near future. Start developing sites in accordance with the new adaptive web design methodology, so they will be beautifully displayed on screens of any size. Read this book while creating and improving responsive web designs using HTML5 and CSS3. You will learn how to put into practice new technologies and techniques designed to become the tools of the future for web developers of client applications.

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