Joker Java Conference: Selecting Papers Together!

Habr, welcome!

All summer, we, the St. Petersburg Java User Group, have been preparing the Joker Java conference , which will be held in St. Petersburg on October 15. And everything went well until yesterday, when real_ales , who is involved in the conference program, suddenly realized that we have a lot of applications for reports, and there are much fewer places in the conference program.

Of course, we immediately staged a rally on Skype, where we tried to understand which reports we want to leave and which to throw out. And then there was a snag. We realized that we stupidly lack expertise in some areas to understand how interesting and relevant some of the reports are.

And then we decided to conduct an experiment and turn to the Khabrovsk citizens with a request to evaluate how much they are interested in this or that report.

It should be noted that even those Khabrovsk residents who do not come to the conference will receive profit from voting. We plan to make a video recording most of the reports and put in public access (@alexbel says that if you put all the reports completely, as we did in the case of the April JPoint conference, no one will come to the conference). Therefore, every non-St. Petersburg voter gets the opportunity to see in the record exactly those reports that seem most interesting to him!

It is important to note that some speakers immediately said that they would not make more than one report. Accordingly, do not expect from us that all 18 reports Theshade and Walrus get into the final program. Moreover, many speakers have already chosen a report that is more preferable for us , which will also be quite difficult to change. In addition, new and new reports are being sent to us ( real_ales , can you somehow stop this process?). And finally, there will be reports presented by our wonderful sponsors, who, and this should be understood, will have high priority. We promise that we will not miss weak reports, even if they are sponsored!

Before voting, we ask you to familiarize yourself with the conference program . If the report below seems interesting to you, just tick it off.

Thanks in advance, Team

Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

Which reports are most interesting to you?

  • 53.5% Nikita Salnikov-Tarnovsky, Plumbr - Bet you have a memory leak in your application? 116
  • 53.9% Roman Elizarov, Devexperts - Java Application Optimization 117
  • 37.8% Nikolay Chashnikov, JetBrains - API Development in a Java Project: How to Influence People and Not Acquire Enemies 82
  • 23.5% Nikolay Chashnikov, JetBrains - Speeding up javac in IDEA 51
  • 30.4% Andrey Breslav, JetBrains - Trade-offs, or How Programming Languages ​​Are Designed 66
  • 26.3% Vladimir Ivanov, Oracle - Invokedynamic: Luxury or Necessity? 57
  • 36.4% Gil Tene, Azul Systems - Understanding Java Garbage Collection and what you can do about it 79
  • 20.7% Nikita Lipsky, Excelsior, Novosibirsk and Misha Bykov, Oracle (USA) - Entertaining stories from the life of JVM technical support 45
  • 20.7% Nikita Lipsky, Excelsior, Novosibirsk - Java on Scala. Experience writing a AOT optimizing compiler in native code for Java in Scala 45
  • 24.0% Nikita Lipsky, Excelsior, Novosibirsk - JIT vs. AOT. The unity and struggle of dynamic and static compilers for Java. 52
  • 43.3% Sergey Kuksenko, Oracle - Java Memory Model II 94
  • 37.8% Sergey Kuksenko, Oracle - JDK8: Stream style: about the new API in the framework of the Lambda Project 82
  • 41.0% Shura Ilyin, Oracle - Project Jigsaw: Modular Java 9 89
  • 33.2% Anton Arkhipov, ZeroTurnaround - Scripts in Java Applications 72
  • 18.0% Pawel Lipinski, Pragmatists - Extreme Programming practices for your team 39
  • 44.7% Anton Keks, Codeborne - How I Created a Java Desktop Application Downloaded 9,000,000 Times 97
  • 18.0% Kirk Pepperdine, Kodewerk Ltd. - The (not so) dark art of Performance Tuning 39
  • 35.0% Alexey Shipilev, Oracle - What are Heap Dumps Silent About 76
  • 32.7% Alexey Shipilev, Oracle - High-Performance Fork / Join Pool 71
  • 20.3% Alexey Shipilev, Oracle - False Sharing forever: padding, @Contended and others 44
  • 12.4% Yakov Zhdanov, GridGain - In-memory accelerator for MongoDB 27
  • 6.9% Alexander Mironenko, Oracle - Java ME Embedded: live coding & best practices 15
  • 19.4% Stepan Goncharov, e-legion - Organization of modularity in Android applications 42
  • 20.3% Baruch Sadogursky, JFrog - As we climbed onto the cloud, we set everything up as it should, and now we eat popcorn 44
  • 19.8% Andrey Pangin, Classmates - Crash dump analysis 43
  • 38.7% Evgeny Borisov - Spring core: a new level 84
  • 13.4% Evgeny Borisov - A small step for Spock - a space breakthrough for testing! 29th
  • 11.1% Geertjan Wielenga, Oracle - Cutting Edge Tooling for Cutting Edge Java 24
  • 10.6% Geertjan Wielenga, Oracle - Unlocking the Java EE Platform with HTML5 and NetBeans 23
  • 19.4% Nikolay Alimenkov, XP Injection and Zoral Labs, Kiev - TDD for database related code, how is it possible? 42
  • 30.0% Alexander Otenko, Oracle (UK) - What the profiler is silent about 65
  • 29.0% Jacek Laskowski, Citi, JUG Warsaw - Introduction to functional programming in Scala 63
  • 16.6% Jacek Laskowski, Citi, JUG Warsaw - Introduction to functional programming in Clojure 36