Educational projects at ABBYY: what's new?

The beginning of the new school year is a good occasion. So your editor thought and went to the department, which is engaged in educational projects at ABBYY, to find out what has happened recently and what is planned for the future.

First of all, they told me that in July, the next ABBYY Cup was held - the Olympiad in sports programming, which we are doing for the third time. This year we have conquered almost the whole world - only African programmers should speak more massively next year :)
Organizers note a higher level of competitors compared to last year - world-class sports programming stars participated in the ABBYY Cup 2013.

As always, participants were asked to solve six problems of varying complexity. In order for the Olympiad to be truly “popular”, this year it was proposed to write tasks for everyone on the portal (the competition was held in the spring), and the competent jury selected the most original and interesting ones. I must say, the authors of the tasks creatively approached the process and the formulation of the tasks came out funny. Especially, of course, the beaver went to it - the symbol of our Lingvo dictionary, and along with the ABBYY Cup.

About how the ABBYY Cup usually goes, we wrote in detail on the blog last year. You can watch and solve the problems of the finals of this year here , and read the report from the finals - here .

Another important educational project for ABBYY is the basic departments, I will remind you that we have three: the oldest is the Department of Image Recognition and Text Processing at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and two completely new departments of computer linguistics are located at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and the Russian State Humanitarian University (about their opening we wrote ).

Linguists weaned for only a year, but the Department of Recognition this summer graduated both bachelors and masters. Of the 10 “fresh” graduates, 9 work in different divisions of ABBYY. By the way, no one obliges students and graduates to work in the company - we offer this opportunity to successful guys, but everyone decides for himself.

Students can participate not only in applied projects, but also in serious scientific affairs - for example, some of them help to create the General Internet Corps of the Russian Language ( GIKRYA ). This ambitious project began last fall, its first results were announced at the Dialog international conference on computer linguistics, and you can familiarize yourself with them .

If you are not a student of our departments, but really want to attend any of the courses , write to with a description of who you are and where you study / work and what course you are interested in.

Those guys who for one reason or another could not or did not want to study in our departments, can participate in other educational initiatives. So, we have already written several times about the ABBYY Labs project, which we are doing for all interested students. Now in the “laboratories” the next group of fourth-year students under the guidance of our employee is starting to embed the question-answer system in the knowledge base of our technical support.

In addition to the above, our employees go to summer school camps to give children lectures on linguistics and programming, and also perform at the Technopark By the way, very soon - in October - Konstantin Anisimovich, Director of Research and Development ABBYY, will speak at Technopark, he will talk about artificial intelligence in applications.

We still have many ideas - we will tell you everything. Follow the news.