Samsung Mobile SDK and Samsung Smart App Challenge 2013 for GALAXY Note

Hello, Habr!

The first release candidate Samsung Mobile SDK for Android, which includes 10 independent packages, was released. These tools can be used together or separately. They allow you to speed up and facilitate the development of Android applications. Use them for free, and also participate in the second part of the Samsung Smart App Challenge 2013 for the new GALAXY Note devices.


So, what does the new Samsung Mobile SDK consist of?

Chord - provides a simple and quick way to exchange messages and files between devices on the same subnet in real time. Added support for secure channels.

Gesture - allows you to recognize user gestures.

Image Filter - allows you to process images, use filters and alpha channels.

Look - allows you to use the special functions of the Android View System in Samsung phones.

Media Control - Provides sharing features such as movies, music and photos between network devices.

Motion - allows you to recognize the movement of the device using motion sensors.

MultiWindow - allows you to simultaneously run multiple applications with resizable windows.

Pen - Provides features for developing applications using handwriting, fingers, and various types of virtual brushes.

Professional Audio - provides functions for developing applications that use virtual musical instruments, and allows these applications to share sound among themselves.

Visual View - provides various tools and animation effects in Android applications based on OpenGL Es.

In the diagram, the Samsung Mobile SDK looks like this:
Installation is quite simple and is carried out directly in Eclipse. After installation, packages, examples and documentation will be placed in a folder ~/samsung-sdk .

Later we will talk more about the use of some packages.

To take part in the competition you need to develop an application for GALAXY Note 3 or GALAXY Note 10.1 (version of 2014), using the Pen or Look package.

Good luck